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requested by Sucks_foryou

Sometimes, staying at Ash and Fez's was boring due to the fact that Ash was too busy counting money or playing games on his computer to even pay attention to me. So today, I decided to fully ignore him and give him the taste of his own medicine. Then I'll forgive him after that.

It was the next day after i slept over and i woke up in Ashtrays arms. Slowly and carefully, i climbed out of them but unfortunately woke him up in the process. "Ma, come back to beddd-" he whined, i was about to reply until I remembered my plan and shook him off. "Baby? Babe? Y/n!" He started getting impatient already.

I shoved a pair of Ash's sweatpants on before walking out to the living room, i heard Ashtrays faint footsteps following quickly after me. "Y/N WAIT UP!" He called after me, i just continued walking to the kitchen and grabbed some milk and cereal and made myself some. Usually in the mornings, i'd make Ash a bowl too. But not today.

"Wait...what about me?" He asked, the boy was ultimately confused and I noticed him pinching himself to see if he was real or not, i tried my best not to laugh at that action. Ash sighed and made his own bowl, i finished mine up and put my washing up in the sink before walking over to the couch and settling down to watch a movie.

I could practically feel my boyfriends eyes glaring at the back of my head. I knew he was mad, frustrated and impatient, which meant my plan was working. I heard him shove his bowl onto the counter and he stormed over towards me, smirked and sat down beside me, i had no idea what he had in mind but my eyes focused on the tv and not him.

Suddenly, i felt kisses on my neck and tensed up immediately. Ash knew how much i adored neck kisses. The adorable, soft ones though. "Whats up ma, why are you ignoring me?" He asked, his words slightly muffled against my skin sending shivers down my spine. I managed to avoid any feeling. "I'll continue kissing you" I practically felt the smirk against my neck, irritating me slightly.

He found this absolutely amusing, didn't he?

The kisses continued and he pressed a few on my cheeks and hands too. I was starting to not mind his touch and settle down, his kisses bought so much comfort for me. I smiled slightly and was about to turn to peck him on the lips but he stopped kissing and got up. "Wait!" I spoke and he raised a brow.

"Done ignoring me now, ma?" He teased, with a fake stern look. "If i do stop, will you keep cuddling and kissing me?" I asked and he thought about it before slowly nodding. "Sure...okay, you gotta tell me why you ignored me later though, i'm not playin Y/n" he scolded and i nodded immediately.

"I promise, Ash. Now come on, hold me. We're watching stranger things" i said enthusiastically and he sat next to me and then placed me on his lap, wrapping us in a blanket. I wish this happened all the time, maybe I should ignore him more often?

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