Eddie "the freak" Munson * FIXED*

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A/n: This is my first story so please tell me if there is anything I'm doing wrong or what you guys would prefer I maybe could put in the story, by the way your 17 and still don't have your drivers license. Also Eddie is gonna be 18 in this, thanks for reading :)

( 7:20 Am )

Steve: Y/n, Y/n wake up!
Y/n: What is it Steve? * You said your voice raspy from just waking up*
Steve: You're gonna be late to school, come on or I'm not driving you!
Y/n: Alright, alright I'm up, Jesus..
*Steve stormed out of your room, closing the door behind him. You crawled out of bed and got dressed, did your hair, did your makeup, and brushed your teeth. You then heard Steve yelling from downstairs*
Steve: Y/n now!
Y/n: Coming!
* You quickly ran down the stairs worried you'll be late for school*
Steve: Grab a piece of toast and meet me in my car.
Y/n: Okay.
* You grabbed a piece of toast smothered in butter and ran out the door. Once you reached Steve's car you swung the door open and quickly sat down, closing the door seconds later*
Steve: Why does it take you so long to get ready?
Y/n: Cause girls have to try and look good now go! I'm gonna be late!
Steve: Okay, I'm going.
* Steve pressed down on the gas peddle as you both headed toward Hawkins high*

( 7:45 am, your school starts at 7:50 am )

Y/n: Thanks Steve! 
Steve: No problem have a good day!
Y/n: You too bye.
* You got out of Steve's car and headed toward Dustin and Mike who were waving there arms in the air trying to get your attention*
Y/n: I'm coming calm down..
Dustin: Y/n!! *He screamed hugging you tightly*
Y/n: Hi, you okay?
Dustin: Oh yeah I'm fine, just happy to see you ya know cause of summer break and all.
Y/n: Yeah right..
* Mike walked up to you and gave you a hug*
* Bell Rings*
Mike: Well, we better get to class.
Y/n: Me too.
* You started to walk away when Dustin stopped you*
Dustin: Wait Y/n.
Y/n: What is it Dustin?
Dustin: Wanna sit with us at lunch?
Y/n: Sure I would love to, bye Dustin.
Dustin: Bye Y/n.

Lunch time ;)

* You just finished getting your food when Dustin called you over to his table*
Dustin: Y/n over here!
Y/n: Coming!
* You walked over to him and sat next to a guy with really long hair and a denim jacket*
Eddie: Who's this Wheeler?
Mike: Oh, Eddie this is Y/n.
Eddie: I'm Eddie nice to meet you~
* Eddie looked over at you and smiled, his cheeks flushed red*
Y/n: Nice to meet you to Eddie * You said flustered, You couldn't help but blush he was really attractive*
Mike: Is it just me or is Eddie blushing?
Eddie: Shut up wheeler.. * Eddie said throwing some food at his head*
* You laughed a little at the sudden action. They started talking about a game called dungeons and dragons, you've heard Mike and Dustin talk about it all the time but you never bothered to play. All the sudden Eddie got up on the table and started shouting.*
Eddie: As long as your into band or science, or parties or a GAMEE WHERE YOU TOSS BALLS INTO LAUNDRY BASKETS
* You couldn't stop laughing, A blonde guy with a white and green jacket stood up and said*
Jason: You want something freak!?
* Eddie put his hands up to the side of his head and made a devil type face sticking his tongue out*
Jason: Prick..
Eddie: It's force conforming, THATS WHATS KILLING THE KIDS!!
* The rest of the kids on the table started laughing. Eddie sat back down as you said*
Y/n: Quite the performance you put on Eddie.
Eddie: I tried. * He winked at you as you could feel your face start heating up again, Dustin interrupted saying*
Dustin: So~Y/n wanna join Hellfire?
Y/n: What's Hellfire again?
* Mike giggled a little, hiding his smile*
Eddie: It's only the most fun group of people you could ever find..
Y/n: Okay, but if I join could I get one of those cool looking t-shirts?
Eddie: Sure, I keep some in my van but they might be to small for those.. * He said motioning toward your boobs*
Y/n: We will have to see...
Eddie: Alright come on, Y/n.
* You and Eddie stood up and left the cafeteria. The both of you left the school and made it to his van*
Eddie: If the shirt doesn't fit then you might have to where my shirt, is that okay?
Y/n: Yeah it's fine.
* He unlocked his car and got into it and said*
Eddie: Come on in princess.
* You felt yourself blush at the nickname he already gave you*
Eddie: Found it! You can just change in here I'll get out.
Y/n: Thanks Eddie * You said as he passes you the shirt*
Eddie: Anytime.
* Eddie winked at you as he leaves the van. He closed the door and had his back turned toward the van to give you some privacy. You took off your shirt and put on the hellfire shirt*
Y/n: Ahh shit..
* You open the door and said to Eddie, blushing like as red as a tomato*
Y/n: Umm Eddie?
Eddie: Yes princess?
Y/n: It doesn't fit...

A/n: Thanks for reading chapter 1 I would appreciate it if you could give me ideas or tips in the comments. I don't really know when I'll post next but I'll try and put one out tomorrow :)

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