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— MARINETTE STUCK HER tongue out as she opened the bottle of bright, bright gold glitter.

The bottle was humongous, with a large amount of glitter filling it up to the tip.

With her experience as a designer (and Manon's demands), Marinette knew just how explosive and sticky glitter was.

As a teenager, when Marinette was still what she considered was a rookie designer, her clumsiness often resulted in glitter coating her room.

It was absolutely painful to try and get it out once it was stuck.

To be honest, Marinette thought that they should put a hazard sign on glitter because it was just that painful.

Hence her caution now.

Making sure the bottle was absolutely straight, Marinette twisted the bottle cap slowly with a towel around her hand, so the cap wouldn't slip through her hands.

Although her clumsiness had receded in her recent years as the Ladybird of Gotham, it was still prone to come out at the most inopportune times and with a material like glitter, Marinette wasn't risking it.

"You know," A voice said from right behind her. "You don't have to open the bottle so slowly. It's not going to explode, Mari."

Marinette shrieked, the bottle tipping slightly.

A single flake of glitter fluttered down to the floor before Marinette managed to straighten the bottle again.

"Oh my gods, Dick!" She breathed, turning around and facing the grinning man in front of her. "Never do that again; especially not when I have glitter in my hands."

Her boyfriend shot her that cheeky grin she loved and held his arms out for a hug.

Marinette carefully set the bottle on her desk and wrapped her arms around Dick, drowning in his scent.

Pressing a kiss to the top of her head, Dick asked her, "So which of your clients demanded glitter on their clothes?"

"Audrey Bourgeois." Marinette mumbled against his chest. "Something about a new fashion line?"

Dick snorted. "I don't think she understands how chaotic it's going to end up."

"Oh, Mr Grayson," said a sharp voice from the doorway. "I know exactly how chaotic it will be."

Audrey Bourgeois strode into the spacious office as if she owned it. "Now, Marinette, would you like to show me what you have made up till now?"

It was an order phrased like a question.

Marinette reluctantly untangled herself from Dick and pulled out the dress she had made.

She was very proud of it, having spent hours working on her latest creation. The only thing left was the glitter - something she had put off until the end, just in case things got out of control.

Audrey scrutinised the dress with pursed lips as Marinette eyed the glitter bottle on her desk with something close to hostility.

The gold glitter sparkled from the light in the studio, creating a blinding ball of light on her desk.

"Stare any harder, Mari," Dick mumbled from next to her, "And it's going to burn."

"Maybe it should," she muttered back, still glaring fiercely at it. "I hate glitter."

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