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All Marinette wanted was one night of relaxation. Was that so hard to ask?

Her phone buzzed with a text from Adrien, once again begging for her forgiveness, apologizing for his actions, promising to make it better.

It was the same story every day since the day she caught him kissing Lila in Marinette's apartment.


Marinette hummed along with the song playing in her earbuds, carefully clutching onto her sketchbook so that it didn't fly away.

She may be older now, but that didn't mean her clumsiness wasn't prone to show up now and then.

The song paused when an incoming call from Chloe flashed across her phone, and Marinette picked up immediately.

"Hey, Chlo!" she said, cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Mari. Mom says you can go to-"

She cut off abruptly and the distinct sound of phone-wrestling was heard.

"Marinette," Audrey Bourgeois' cool, confident voice was heard. "You are going to be going to the USA as an ambassador for our partnership with the Waynes. My assistant will forward the details to you."

The call was cut, leaving Marinette staring at her screen open-mouthed.

The USA? To form a deal with the Waynes?

Marinette phone, for the second time in the last few minutes, flashed with an incoming call from Chloe.

"Sorry about that Mari," She sounded out of breath as if she had just yelled at someone.

Marinette laughed nervously. "It's alright. But...what did Audrey mean about a deal with the Waynes?"

A man bumped into her and Marinette stumbled.

"Watch it," he hissed and Marinette rolled her eyes, nervousness momentarily forgotten.

She started walking towards her apartment in favour of standing in the middle of the street.

As Chloe explained, Marinette fumbled with her keys, opening the door to her apartment.

The scene she saw made her jaw drop and her keys fall.

Adrien and Lila were tangled up together on the couch, vehemently kissing.

They hadn't even noticed her coming in.


Marinette thanked the flight attendant with a polite smile and pulled her suitcase through the airport.

As she emerged through the sliding doors, Gotham looked every bit of the gloomy and dark place it was described to be.

Rain poured down in torrents, sliding over cars.

Marinette, thankfully, got out of the rain unscathed and as she stepped into the limo that Audrey provided her with, Marinette gaped at the luxuriousness of it.

The female Bourgeois' fortune never failed to shock her.

"To the hotel, ma'am?" asked the American driver, looking at her through the rear-view mirror.

Marinette cleared her throat and nodded. "Yes."

The car started to move and curiously, Marinette looked outside the window, watching as the buildings flew by.

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