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— MARINETTE HAD JUST put her chocolate chip cookies in the oven when she heard the familiar tapping on her window.

Rushing over to it, Marinette gulped hoping that somehow this time, maybe Jason wasn't hurt. He was one of her best friends and being Ladybug for a good part of her teenage years, it didn't take Marinette long to figure out he was Red Hood. His excuses were pathetic so the pieces weren't difficult to put together.

To be honest, though, she was kind of expecting it. Marinette remembered the first time she met Jason. He was Red Hood.


Some piece of shit decided that he was going to attack Marinette, so obviously, she had to teach him some manners.

Marinette ducked as he swing his fist at her, and kicked him hard, right where it hurt.

As he was groaning, clutching his stomach, Marinette kicked him directly on the head, and her assailant was knocked out cold.

"You can come out now," she called out, already sensing the presence behind her with her mystical powers.

Red Hood walked out from the shadows and Marinette cringed at his ridiculous outfit. A tin can? Seriously?

"Wow," he said, surprise evident in his tone.

Marinette scowled at him. "What is that even supposed to mean? Have you never seen a woman who can defend herself?"

"No, I mean-" Red Hood fumbled for an answer. After a few seconds, he gave up, sighing heavily and saying, "I meant that I've never seen anyone take out a person so quickly."

Marinette shrugged, flipping her hair. "I guess I'm just special."


Now that Marinette thought about it, that was probably what prompted Jason to try and get to know her.

Once he did, well, after that, it was smooth flying.

The two of them were friends, nothing more. But, their dynamic could also be defined as Jason making sure Marinette ate and drank, while she made sure he didn't do anything stupid that could get him potentially killed.

It worked.

As Marinette put down her mittens on the table and began to hurry through the window, a fist punched through the glass and opened the handle.

Red Hood jumped in, with a body in his arms.

"Excuse you?" Marinette asked hotly. "Why would you punch through my window with a body with you? Hood, we've discussed this-"

The body groaned and Marinette froze.

It took her a few seconds to realize that the person was, in fact, alive.

"Jason?" The man mumbled, trying and failing to get up. "Where are we?"

"Oh my kwami," Marinette looked at Jason, who was unmasked now. "Jason, is that your brother?"

Said man, who was unmasked now, nodded. "It's Nightwing and he's injured. He got shoved through some walls and fell and I didn't know where else to go-"

Marinette shut him up with quick instructions, already mentally preparing the spells she would need to patch Nightwing up.

"Jason put him on the couch and get the first-aid kit."

Quickly complying, Marinette hurried over to the man now lying on her couch, wincing as she saw the extent of his wounds.

He had a lot of scratches, two large gashes - one on his stomach and the other on his chest and some broken ribs.

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