𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛʜɪʀᴛᴇᴇɴ𓅓

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"I wasn't fooling anyone" You state calmly, not afraid of Narmer or Nazir.

"So being with two men at the same time is not considered fooling anyone?"
Nazir snaps at you.

"Listen, I don't want to be with you or him, I'm just confused!"

Those words made the situation worst, as the air gets tense.

You don't understand why you are feeling guilty and ashamed, it is all Neith's fault, not yours.

But the hurt look in Narmer's gaze made you feel guilt, and Nazir's anger is what caused the shame to arise.

You are starting to hate Neith, you could have avoided all of this if she wasn't a two-timer.

While thinking of a good excuse, Narmer turns to Nazir, giving him a sharp glare.

"You only want to marry Neith just to take over Egypt, you must have bewitched her!"

This accusation fuels the tension, and the next thing you know, Nazir is in Narmer's face, threatening to hit him.

"I'm the last one to ever think about harming her in any way, it's a peasant like you who wants to take the throne"

You frown at the Babylonian king's words, remembering when he threatened you in a latter just because you wanted to break off the relationship.

"Can you both calm down? How about we civilly solve this matter" you suggest.

Instead of doing as you say, Narmer grabs into Nazir's neck before starting to force him to move backwards until his lower back hits the edge of your window.

"Narmer, stop!" You scream, trying to defuse the situation.

"Stay back or I will throw him out of this window" he warns, forcing you to stay in your place.

You watch in horror, as Narmer's hands tighten around Nazir's neck.

"Nothing in this world matters to me except Neith, If she asked me to burn the whole world for her, I would do it"

Nazir mocks the young Egyptian man's words with a smirk, not caring about the death circumstance that surrounds him.

"Come on, shove me off this window and you will regret it, peasant" Nazir taunts Narmer.

Without wasting any time, Narmer shoves Nazir off the window, causing you to scream.

And quickly run to the window, excepting to see a dead body.

But instead, you see nothing, no dead body swimming in a pool of blood.

You turn your attention to Narmer who seems to be in the same state of shock as you.

"What have you done?" you mumble out the question, grabbing into his arms tightly.

"I don't know"

At that moment, your father brags into your chamber with soliders.

"What are you doing here alone with my daughter?"

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