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Eddie: That's fine you can just have my shirt * He said cracking a smile*
Y/n: Are you sure?
Eddie: Yeah, it's fine.
* Eddie took off his shirt swiftly and handed it to you*
Eddie: Just give me the other shirt after, Kay?
Y/n: Okay thank you!
* You climbed back into the van and changed into Eddie's hellfire shirt*
Y/n: It smells just like him..
* You stuck your nose into his shirt and smelled it, it smelled of cigarettes and cologne. You got out of the van and handed the other hellfire shirt to Eddie. He smiled and pulled it over his head, putting it on*
Eddie: It looks good on you.
Y/n: It does?
Eddie: Hell yeah it does.
* You laughed and felt blush rise to your cheeks*
Eddie: Hey, maybe after school do you wanna hang at my place?
Y/n Sure, that sounds like a lot of fun.
Eddie: Kay, it's a date?
Y/n: I guess it is...
Eddie: Let's head to the cafeteria. Dustin and Mike are probably causing chaos.
Y/n: That sounds like them..
Eddie: Doesn't it?
* The pair of you couldn't stop laughing, eventually you both entered the cafeteria. The guy that yelled at Eddie earlier came up to us*
Jason: Hey, Y/n right?
Y/n Um- yeah?
Jason: Do you maybe wanna go on a date later?

A/n: Sorry for the short chapter I'll probably post another one later today, anyways thanks for reading!!

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