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- Atlanta, GA -

" line it up wit the card like I showed you dumb ass" Kior smacked the back of her friends head

" mane don't touch me no mo' I got Ts" Kemarion smacked his lips lining up the laced fentanyl into 4 lines on the table with a random card

Kior stood there watching waiting for their victim  to come in at any moment. 

" how much is in that shi again?" Kior asked getting impatient cus she wanted to go home nd drink her favorite drink

" 500 enough to kill em right here nd make it look like a overdose " kemarion responded as he finished

" this nigga needa hurry the fuck up. He takin to long" Kior rubbed her eyes

" be patient kior gah damn he said he around the corner" he told her as he slouched down on the couch

She mugged him sitting down on his lap " don't tell me to be patient nigga when he takin for ever" She fussed

He grabbed her by her neck kissing her just to shut her up " be quiet nie" he let her go as she blushed

Mmmm 'friends' you say.

The door to the office opened and the person they've been waiting to see finally walked in.

Kane. Da boss man but everyone figured out he been ripping people out of they money so Kemarion and Kior decided they'd handle it in a nice clean easy way.

" Damn nigga bout time you came" Kior said as she put on a fake smile

" my fault y'all I had to help my daughter with something" he chuckled sitting down in a chair that was infront of the table

" mhm..we already lined yo shi up for you so hurry up nd do what u gotta do and we can talk business" Kemarion spoke up

Kane smiled looking down at the nice perfectly lined up drug not knowing a thing bound to happen . But it wasn't no secret he was addict

" would one of you like to try it first?" Kane looked up at them with a smile

Kior smacked her lips " ion know why yo crispy baldheaded ass would ask us that knowing damn we-" kemarion put his hand over her mouth

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