Chapter 36 Ultra Debut

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No one's POV

It's been over two weeks since Kukui and Burnet's wedding and not much happened afterwards, other then Snowball learning Aurora Veil. Currently, everyone was sitting around in the classroom, when Nhazul stood up, looking at Type: Null's Pokéball.

Nhazul: Alright, I've been putting this off for awhile, now it's time that I'd try this.

Everyone looked at Nhazul confused.

Serena: What are you trying?

Lillie saw the Pokéball in Nhazul's hand and was surprised, recognizing it.

Lillie: Wait, isn't that...!

Nhazul looked at Lillie surprised as well.

Nhazul: Wait, you know?

Lillie: I saw big brother take it out and take it with him, but I thought he was taking it with him. I didn't know he planned to leave it with you.

Ash: Wait, Gladion gave you that Pokémon?

Lana: What is it?

Nhazul: Silvally.

Everyone other then Lillie looked at Nhazul completely and utterly shocked.

Everyone: Silvally?!

Kiawe: Gladion gave you his Silvally?!

Nhazul: No, this isn't his Silvally, but a different one.

Sophocles: So you mean there's two Silvallys?

Ash: And he gave it to you? That's so cool!

Nhazul just looked at the Pokéball, again feeling the negative emotions from it.

Nhazul: Gladion told me this was the one who was mainly experimented on. So I'm guessing he was actually the first one created. Gladion said it'll be difficult to gain it's trust, and these negative emotions I'm feeling make all too clear...

Nhazul then proceeded to call out Type: Null, throwing up it's Pokéball.

Nhazul: Come out, Silvally!

Coming out of it's Pokéball, Type: Null landed on the ground with a load crash.

Type: Null:

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Type: Null: ...

(A/N) Nhazul and Gladion's Silvally, they're both 8ft.

Everyone: Whoa...

Serena: It's a different color from Gladion's.

Ash: So cool!

All the Pokémon all walked up to Type: Null, trying to greet it, only for it to snarl at them, making them back away.

Kiawe: I guess Gladion was right, it's not all that friendly.

Lana: But can you blame it?

Nhazul proceeded to walk up to Type: Null, it turned to Nhazul, with it glaring at him, and immediately lunged at him, tackling out the classroom and outside, surprising everyone.

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