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She would never cheat, you'd never see her with a different guy

Y/n was never the type of girl to cheat. I knew that since i met her, I could just tell. In her pas relationships before we got together, she'd never hang out with guys...only her boyfriend. When we eventually got together, she'd promise she wouldn't see other boys, even if they were her friends. I didn't let her do that, it felt cruel. She could have friends, not matter what gender they are.

Ever tell you different, then it's a lie

I always knew when girls lied to me saying "Y/n's cheating on you" "Y/n kissed a guy at a party" " Y/n's a cheater, date me instead" these and many more were blatant lies because Y/n hated parties but if we ever went to a party, she'd stick by my side. Oh and she basically lives with me so we never leave each other. When I'd confront the girls, they'd say they were messing around and rush off.

See, that's my down bitch, see that's my soldier

Now, when people lie to me and say Y/n's a cheater, i deal with it calmly (most of the time) and move on with my day. But my girlfriend on the other hand..when people say I cheated on her, she'd argue with them like a fucking soldier. Confronting them and embarrassing them. Hard. Before walking off and back to me. I'm proud to call her my girl.

She keeps that thang-thang if anyone goes there

She despises it when people lie and say one cheated on the other. She was often more calm than me until...it happened more and more often and she basically went off whenever someone said it. I constantly smile proudly at her as i watch her break out in to an argument with a liar. She'd always defend me if someone spread rumours.

Calm and collected, she keeps her composure

After snapping at someone, she calms down and stays collected, then walks away acting like nothing ever happened. She takes my hand and leads us away from the scene and we always end up walking home and messing about in the streets. I'm happy to have a girl like Y/n to call mine..

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