Chapter 25

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Today we're taking our hero licensing test. (i think it's called that). the bus ride wasn't that long, probably because i slept through it. "all right class we're here" aizawa announces. when we get out of the bus and see a giant stadium. "do your best out there class. if you pass the test you'll become semi-pros so do your best". aizawa was doing his best to hype up the class and was somewhat succeeding. "ok everyone, let's go beyond" kirishima starts "PLUS ULTRA" we all yell. "PLUSS ULTRA".

i turn around and see some guy with black short hair from shiketsu high. "you shouldn't batge in like that" another kid from shiketsu says. "SORRY" the kid says before slamming his head into the ground violently. "wow, blood" some girl says. something about her seemed familiar. "sorry about that i just love AU, i just wanted to say plus ultra once in my life" the guy apologizes before leaving.

"class, that's inasa yoarashi. he got the best scores in the recommendation exam but turned down his offer from UA" aizawa explains surprising some of the class. "so he's stronger than shoto. good to know" i say making the class look at me dumbfounded. "HEY ERASER HEAD" someone yells. aizawa sighs loundly. i look to see who it is, and i turns out it's ms joke. "please marry me" she says making me internally scream and hitoshi was probably doing the same thing.

"no" aizawa says causing ms joke to burst out laughing. "he's already married" i say surprising eveyone minus hitoshi and aizawa. "what, aizawa why did you cheat on me" ms joke says in a pouty voice. "i didn't" aizawa says. "well this is class two from ketsubutsu academy " ms joke says as some students walk up behind her. one student starts introducing himself to everyone individually. then he gets to me "hi i'm Yo shindo, nice to meet you" he said shaking my hand. just as he's about to go talk to kirishima i say "stop with the act, you're obviously struggling to act this nice"

"i have no idea what your talking about" he says. "your trying to warm up to us, make us lower our guard against you". he lowers his head making his hair go over his eyes for dramatic effect. "not bad you actually figured me out, hopefully you put up a good fight put there" he says before walking off with the rest of his class. as he was walking away i realised how much he looked like me before i got my quirk.


"hello everyone my name is yokumiru mera" yokumira says. i didn't even know if this was humanly possible but he looked even more tired than aizawa. "i'm so tired i haven't slept for the past three days, we're so short staffed". he says. "the exam is a free for all. heroes respond to crisis extremely quickly nowdays, and as a result students will be tested on speed, to accomplish this, only the first 100 students out of the 1540 gathered to take the exam who complete the first test will move onto the next one. Each student has six red balls and three targets to attach to their body where they are visible to others. The students must hit other students' targets - once a student has all of their targets hit, they are out, and whoever attached the third ball claims the defeat. Participants need to eliminate two students to move on to the next phase of the exam" he explains.

(they're in hero costumes by the way)

i place the three targets in a straight line on my chest so they're easier to defend. the box room we're in suddenly unfolds to reveal we're in this huge fake area with model versions of  buildings and other environments. i watched the class stay in one big group  so i walked the other way because during every hero licensing exam, UA is instantly crushed. i walked for about five seconds until "LOOK THERE'S THAT KID FRON UA" someone yelled. and not long after that about 50 students were surrounding me. "PHANTOM MINES" i yell making a circle of purple flames surround me.

soon the flames were immediately extinguished. then i realized what they were doing. about ten of them had water quirks, 13 had electricity quirks, 22 had strength quirks, and five had earth manipulation quirks. 'shit' "yeah we're screwed". i attempted to blast away but the earth manipulation quirk guys would make a barrier to block me from getting away before one of the strength quirk guys would knock me back to where i was before. i shot a tornado of flames at one of them but it was quickly put out by a combination attack from the water and electric quirk users.

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