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A/n: Art done by ShiftingStar.

"Do you have to help with crossings today?"

(Y/n) cracked her eyes open, registering (F/n)'s hand on her arm. The immune groaned, pushing herself into a sitting position. She'd stayed the night at her friend's, getting more sleep than she had in days. She rubbed her eyes, frowning.

"I don't know if the Chaotix will go without Espio," she said groggily. "But maybe I should check in."

"Want me to walk you over there?" The (a/t) smiled softly.

"That would be nice, thank you."


They grabbed something to eat on the way out, walking in comfortable silence to the Chaotix's residence. Before they could trek up the stairs to the top, however, Vector and Charmy were already waiting at the base.

"Oh good," Vector said, clapping a hand on (Y/n)'s shoulder. "Espio's taking the day off for obvious reasons, so we need you to substitute for him. Checkpoint squadrons took two crossings then sent the rest back to the Burning Zone."

"Why?" she asked.

"The assassins were...a little more aggressive," the crocodile said. "Maybe you can work your immune magic to help get those groups across."

"It wasn't really me," the (a/t) said. "It was Silver. Without Tikal, I'm more prone to physical attacks." She shook herself off. "I'm still happy to help."

"Are you going to try again with Silver?" Charmy asked quickly. (F/n) squeezed the immune's elbow comfortingly.

"Maybe," (Y/n) said, shrugging half heartedly. "I need to regroup." Charmy hesitated, then nodded.

"Alright, miss, we need to head out," Vector said, addressing (F/n).

"Okay," she said reluctantly. She gave (Y/n) a quick embrace. "Be careful and come back safe."

"Thanks. I'll check in tonight." The (a/t) waved to her friend, then turned back to the Chaotix. "Let's get out there."


She dreaded the running. And the assassins. She was breathing heavily by the time they reached the border, encountering a crossing group larger than any she'd seen so far.

"Holy Chaos," Vector breathed.

"There's no way we can cover them all," (Y/n) agreed, scanning the group's ranks. She looked to the crocodile. "What do we do?"

"Split it in half," Charmy said, flipping through his signs. "We can escort them better. That or risk it. But there's lots of assassins out today."

"I say we split it," (Y/n) said. "I'm still a little new to this." Hopefully, she wouldn't have to get too used to it.

"Alright then," Vector said, looking through the group. He grimaced. "How do we go about doing this?"

"Vector," Charmy whispered. The crocodile fell silent, looking over his shoulder. The kill zone had gone quiet.

"We should not make a run for it," (Y/n) whispered frantically. She dug her hands into her hair. "I'm still frazzled. I don't know how much help I'm gonna be."

"Pull yourself together," Vector snapped, pulling his shield up and widening his stance. "We're going to see what we're up against and if we can fight our way through. If not, we fall back to the Burning Zone." She stiffened, then drew her blade and shield and listened for any sign of the assassins.

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