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It had been 3 weeks since Marinette's birthday, and Adrien felt like their relationship had never been stronger. He felt like they couldn't trust each other any more than they already did, and he loved her more than anything else in the world. She was his home, and he was hers. Especially with the plans to marry the woman after graduation, he couldn't have been happier.

Adrien pressed a kiss against Marinette's forehead, the petite bluenette sleeping peacefully in his arms. He nuzzled his nose into the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of her perfume.


He ignored the buzzing sound of her phone which attempted to alert her that she had indeed received a text message. But Marinette was sleeping... her dainty fingers laced with his own as he clutched her body against his chest. Never in his life had he felt so safe and content, Marinette made him happy... He loved her.


He decided to be mature and not snoop on her phone to see the messages that were clearly meant for her. Even as her phone alerted her for the fifth time, Adrien stood his ground and only held her tighter. It was probably just her mom, or Alya... And even though it bothered him he reminded himself he had nothing to worry about.


Silence... This time Adrien furrowed his brow, who could be texting her this early in the morning-- messaging her several times? The blonde couldn't overcome the curiosity building up inside him with each new notification. He decided he would take a peek, just in case it was some sort of emergency he needed to wake Marinette up for.

He swiftly pulled away, making sure not to wake her up before he grabbed the phone that was charging on his nightstand. He frowned as his eyes glossed across the screen, his heart dropping in his chest when he looked at the messages Marinette had received from none other than Luka Couffaine.

Luka: 7 new messages

He shook his head, slightly panicking. He couldn't just assume or jump to conclusions, this was Marinette and he trusted her with his life. He opened the tab, typing in the numbers that unlocked her phone. He knew her password by heart, simply because it was his birthday... and he was her boyfriend.

His eyes scanned the screen intently, reading the messages in hopes of not finding anything that would be detrimental to their relationship. His lips parted, his heart breaking...

I can't stop thinking about you

I can't stop thinking about each kiss you left on my lips

I can't stop singing the song I wrote you

I can give you more than him

He left you for a stranger at the bar

You deserve so much more than that...

Let me give you more

Adrien could've sworn he felt his heart shatter to pieces. Why was it that whenever he let himself open up, he always got hurt in the end? Why did loving someone always end up with him getting hurt? First his mother, than his father, and now Marinette? Disappointment, neglect, and utter betrayal.

These were his thoughts, so why couldn't he feel anything? Why couldn't he feel the anger settle, rage even... why couldn't he feel the tears brimming in his eyes with every passing second as he reminded himself he had no place in this world... Maybe he was just never meant to be happy, and that was that.

Maybe that was the only thing that life had promised him, disappointment.

"Adrien..?" He heard Marinette say from behind him, her hand running down his bicep and he immediately wanted to lean into her alluring touch. He didn't say a word, he just sat there lost in his thoughts. He was afraid if he said or did anything he might just lash out in anger.

Even though he had just found out about her and Luka he still loved Marinette... he refused to let himself treat her that way when he was still cognitive.

"We don't have seminar for another hour..." The bluenette mumbled sleepily, sitting up and hugging him from behind. He felt her warmth surround him and he could feel the cloth of his t-shirt press against his skin. Marinette peppered several kisses against the crook of his neck and he felt sick.

The blonde stood up, ripping away from her grasp. She stared at him with a puzzled look as he turned around. There were several moments of silence, and she looked at him like she was reading his expression. "Is everything okay..?" She asked softly, concern laced within her voice.

She noticed the way he clenched his fists, looking down at her like she was the symbol for betrayal. Her heart ached in that moment when he ignored her question. "I have to go." He spoke definitively, followed with another moment of silence. The bluenette frowned and got out of bed before walking over to him.

"Adrien... You're scaring me. What's wrong?" She asked softly, standing on her tippy toes to wrap her arms around his neck. He looked away from her, simply because he was worried he'd begin to hate all the things that he loved about her. He couldn't stare into her blue eyes otherwise he might break down and begin to weep.

So instead he escaped her embrace and began to pull up his jeans. Marinette stood there, utter confusion taking over her head as the blonde slipped his t-shirt over his head and stuffed his wallet in his pocket. "Adrien, tell me what's going on." Marinette said in a demanding tone and the blonde scoffed.

"I should ask you the same thing." Adrien spat, grabbing his keys and opening his door. Marinette frowned and pulled him back by his wrist, pressing him against the wall. She noticed the hurt that reflected in his eyes as he looked down at her, she had never seen him like this. Sure they had their fights, but he never just took off without an explanation.

"Talk to me." Marinette said, her voice cracking and it broke his heart. Adrien grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away, "Why don't you go talk to him?" He said before leaving and slamming the door shut. She stared at the door, looking back at the nightstand that carried her phone.


Adrien had never actually missed a full day of classes much to his own surprise, yeah he had been late before but he didn't intend on going to campus that day. So the three hours he spent coping at the bar with whiskey and vodka was enough for him to decide that he wanted to somehow get even. He loved Marinette, which was why it was all so sickening.

He had never invested so much time and love in a woman, because his plans were to eventually marry her. The box holding her ring just sat there collecting dust in his drawer, and he knew that it would be there for much longer. He had gotten ten missed calls from Marinette before she decided to take a hint and leave him alone.

He wanted to be alone.

Adrien was surprised and admittedly disappointed that he had made it back to the dorm rooms safe and sound, and when he didn't see Marinette's car in the parking lot he knew she had gone to campus for classes. Adrien waited in his car, just sitting in the drivers seat and pondering whether or not he should crash his car into the brick wall.

And after hours of blasting music and pending on the decision that he should probably just go back and hear Marinette out... He spot the lithe figure that trotted in front of his headlights. The pale woman was clearly distraught, like she was looking for someone. Her short and light blonde hair rustled in the wind just like the purple skirt she was wearing.

Adrien's eyes flickered in recognition, Jasmine was an easy target to say the least... an opportunity. 


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