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 Taymor Pov Miami, Florida 4 months later N & B Modeling Company 3:45 Pm

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Taymor Pov
Miami, Florida
4 months later
N & B Modeling Company
3:45 Pm


For the last few months Taymor, Kentrell and Dayvon got closer, but sadly The two older males had to go on tour so they decided to visit Taymor while he was working.

Taymor walked out on stage wearing A black tube top and A pair of white panties with a pair of shinny black heels, the outfit was very skin showing but Taymor felt sexy and pretty.

Everyone was taking pictures and some others was clapping while Taymor posed giving the camera all different angles.

Kentrell and Dayvon really liked the outfit but didn't like the fact he was showing it off in front of other males and females.

Taymor looked over seeing Kentrell and Dayvon clapping which made him feel a bit shy, almost making him slip but played it off with a pose.

Taymor turned on his heel walking back but not before bending over and giving the people a good view.

Taymor quickly jogged back stage, rushing to his dresser room where he saw Becky with his children. "Why didn't you tell me they was here? I almost fell" Taymor sat on his chair, removing his heels.

Becky shrugged. "They told me not to tell you" Becky closed the play pin gate as she got out of it.


Knock Knock Knock

"That's my cue to leave. Come in" Becky smiled, grabbing her bag and running out the door once someone opened it.

Dayvon and Kentrell entered smiling at Taymor.

The twins started smiled bouncing up and down as they held themselves up on the play pin gate that blocked them from getting out.

"Heyy my babies" Kentrell smiled, picking up Zacei while Dayvon grabbed Zehara.

"Y'all getting so big now y'all gonna have to start walking" Dayvon said.

Taymor snapped his head at Dayvon when he heard what sounded like him touching stuff.

"What y'all doing here?" Taymor got up moving some the clothes that covered his table.

Dayvon grinned. "We going on tour so we won't be around for like a couple months maybe even more. So I wanted to know would you like to come with us?" Dayvon explained, while Zehara grabbed one of his dreads.

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