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Dad: Hey, sweetie...
Y/n: W-What the hell are you doing here!? * You said your voice cracked*
Dad: I can explain if you could just listen to me.
Y/n: You left me and Steve in the street for some slut, how can you explain that...
Dad: Sweetie, she was a freind from work and-
Y/n: You left with her and never came back!
Dad: And I'm so so sorry...
Y/n: Steve had to call mom.
Dad: He did?
Y/n: Yeah dad, he did.

( Flashback )

^ I was laying on the ground, bloody and beaten. Steve had left to go hang out with his friends, leaving me at home..^
( End of flashback )

Y/n: I had to go through with her and it was hell.
Dad: Y/n I'm sorry, come here.
* You couldn't bare it anymore and ran up to your dad and hugged him*
Y/n: I missed you so fucking much...
Dad: I know, I missed you too..
Principle: I'll uh, leave.
* Your tears wouldn't stop falling out of your eyes, you couldn't hate your dad even for what he did *
Dad: It's okay, you still have class you know.
Y/n: Yeah... * You said wiping at your eyes with your sleeve*
* After the tears had dried from your cheeks and your eyes returned to there natural color a bit, you stopped crying*
Y/n: I better get to class..
Dad: I'll pick you up after school?
Y/n: Sure, I'd like that.
Dad: Alright, see you after school.
Y/n: Bye...
* You smiled weakly as you watched your dad leave. You just stood there, in the principles office. After a while you eventually made your way back to class*

( In class )

Chrissy: Hey, is everything okay?
Y/n: Yeah I'm fine... * You said fake smiling*
Chrissy: You sure?
Y/n: I'll tell you later, okay?
Chrissy: Okay..

( 2:31 pm, after school )

Eddie: So maybe I can give you a ride?
Y/n: About that, my dad is driving me...
Eddie: You're dad?
Y/n: Yeah, he um. He came back after abandoning me and Steve in the street..
Eddie: Are you serious?
Y/n: Yeah.
Eddie: Oh Y/n, come here.
* Eddie had pulled you into a hug and you hugged him as tight as you could. You felt tears prickle in your eyes as you replayed the memory over and over again in your head*
Y/n: Could you come with me, I don't wanna be alone with him.
Eddie: Sure, of course.
Y/n: Thank you. * You said smiling*
Eddie: No problem.
* Eddie grinned and placed his hands around your waist and you moved your hands around his neck*
Eddie: May I?
Y/n: You're so sweet I love it!
Eddie: I try, especially for you~
Y/n: Aww, come here.
* You smiled wider than before and leaned in, kissing Eddie on the lips. All of the sudden you hear your name being called*
Dad: Y/n! Who the hell is this?
Y/n: Oh um, dad this is Eddie my boyfriend..
* Eddie's gaze shifted from you to your dad, giving him a slight smile but also an intimidating stare.*
Y/n: Is it okay if he gets a ride with us, to my house?
Dad: Oh, yeah sure.
Eddie: Thanks.
* You and Eddie climbed into the back of your dads car, and your dad soon followed getting in the drivers seat and turned on the car, driving away.*
Eddie: Guess what princess.
Y/n: What?
Eddie: We should go swimming.
Y/n: Oh~ Sure I have a pool in my backyard.
Eddie: We could even do face masks?
Y/n: Oh my god! Yes that would be so much fun!
Dad: Could I join?
* The car fell silent for a few seconds*
Eddie: I was hoping it could just be me and Y/n...
Dad: Of course sorry you and her want to spend time alone I totally get it.
Y/n: Thanks for understanding I guess.
Dad: Or course anything for my little girl.
* Eddie grinned and leaned closer to your ear and whispered*
Eddie: Not so little anymore, huh?
Y/n: Yeah, guess not...
* You and Eddie cuddled in the backseat for a while until reaching your house. You were the first out of the car and then Eddie.*
Y/n: Alright, Ed's let's go.
Eddie: Okay.
* But before you could go inside Steve walked out the front door*
Steve: Oh, the lovebirds?
Y/n: Hey Steve...
* Steve smiled then looked over at dad's car, seeing him through the windshield*
Steve: Dad!?

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