Aftermath 2:

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"Fine. I'll tell you"


Caide looked up at you and gritted his teeth with anger. "I didn't kill her.. I'm a shaman for sake" he started with a sigh as you folded your arms. "Let me ask you this.. Y/n was there ever a time when me and Vice weren't with you?"

You thought for a moment but couldn't think of anything.

"Atleast one of you were always with me.. right?" you replied hesitantly.
"No.. do you remember the night when you were first chased by a demon and came running back to my doorstep? You spent the night. Well.. when you fell asleep I snuck out.." he continued, "I went to see Vice and things happened.."
"What things?" you asked and he scoffed.
"Untie me and I'll show you!!"
"Why should I Caide!? I can't trust you! Vice would never.." you choked up but stopped.
"Stop comparing me to him! I didn't tell you because I knew it would just break your heart. Now untie me.." Caide demanded and you looked at Lance.

He nodded and you began to free your fiancé of his restraints. When Caide was untied, he quickly grabbed you and pulled close to his chest. "I love you.. nothing will ever change that, Don't go screwing around while in my body okay?"


Suddenly, Caide slapped a talisman to your forehead and everything went bright before going dark.
When you opened your eyes, you were looking down at your own sleeping body.


So this is the night Lila brought me Chinese food. I walked her home before being chased by a demon..
Caide visited Vice right? And I'm in his body.. so I need to go find out what happened.

You threw on a jacket and snuck out through the front door. You made your way to the old school, just as instructed and you heard rustling in the woods.
There was a giggle, and on your own, you pulled out the staff.

My body's reacting on its own!

"Who's there?!" you yell through Caides mouth without thinking.

Maybe his actions are still being played through..

You continue as you walk inside the school and yell Vices name.

"The shaman? Where's Y/n? What are you doing here?" Vice asks nicely while looking around and you scoff.
"Leave us alone" Caide says and Vice is a bit taken back.
"What? You've got to be joking shaman~"
Vice grins but Caide points the staff at him.
"You're annoying as shit! I don't care if I am supposed to help you move on, if you bother us again, there will be consequences.."
"Oh? You do know she's my wife now~" Vice smirks with a tease.
"Yeah I know!! You gave her that charm and she could get herself in serious danger.. that's why I'm saying this now"

Caide furrows his eyebrows with anger at the spirit and suddenly a shriek can be heard from outside.

"What?" Caide mutters out and the spirit is equally confused.
"Need my help?" Vice asks.
"Like hell I do!"
"Are you seriously going to let your big ego stop us from saving a life?" Vice questions before Caide releases his stubbornness and finally gives in. He pulls out a talisman after writing something on it. "You can leave the school but only for a hour"


Caides body moves on its own again as it walks outside the school with the spirit.

"Please no!!"

You can hear Lilas scream and immediately Caides feet move on their own.

He grips his staff as Vice rushes behind him and soon you come to a gruesome sight.
There was a guy above Lila with a knife.
He began to stab her and without thinking, Caide charges at the male and knocks him to the ground.

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