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Lila and i were having a nice conversation on the couch downstairs, we were talking about anything that really popped in our minds. It was all peaceful until we heard yelling from upstairs. "I-is that Diego?" Lila asked and I listened closely. "Think so" i replied. The woman with platinum hair stood up, annoyed.

"What did Stanley do now?" She asked in her strong, british accent. We both made our way upstairs to see Diego stood in front of a teary eyed Stan. "You have got to stop doing these childish pranks, i fucking mean it Stanley!" The man yelled at his son, Stan looked like he didn't know what to say.

"What did he do this time?" Lila asked, looking at Stan in pure disappointment. The boy looked down, ashamed while Diego explained the whole situation to his girlfriend. I watched as my boyfriend's lip began to quiver. Yes, boyfriend. Stan and i have been in a secret relationship for 1 month now.

I walked over to him as he began sobbing violently and wrapped my arms around his shaking body. "Hey, hey, it's okay" I whispered and he shook his head. "Th-they hate me" he cried and i wiped his tears. "No Stan, they don't hate you. I promise you that." I reassured and he buried his head into my chest and I slowly rocked him back and forth.

I rubbed his back and arms in comfort until he eventually calmed himself down. "You okay now, baby?" I asked gently and before Stanley could reply, i heard Diego and Lila yell; "BABY?" Shittt...forgot they were in the room with us.

"You two are dating?" Diego asked, glaring at the both of us. Stan and i nodded. "For how long?" "A month now..." Stanley answered, looking at his 'parents'. "1 month, and you didn't tell us?!" Diego went to start yelling again but I didn't let him.

"And this is exactly why! You hate Stanley for no reason and you'd jump at any chance to make him feel like he isn't wanted, he's your son, Diego! Treat him like one and be happy for us!" I shouted, they all stayed silent and i noticed Stan grinning at me. "Do..do I really make you feel like that, Stan?"

My boyfriend stayed silent but nodded to answer him. Diego pulled him into a hug. "Im really sorry, i guess i suck at this father thing, huh?" He joked and Stan laughed. "Yeah, you really do." He said before turning serious and glaring at his dad. Diego's eyes widened before Stan and i burst out laughing. "I was joking, i was joking. Y/n?" I hummed in response.

"Wanna go on the slushie date?" He asked and i took his hand. "Yup, bye losers!" I yelled before we rushed out the room, leaving Lila and Diego confused and at loss of words. "So uhh..." Diego started. "I'm so happy for them!" Lila squealed before skipping out the room.

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