Chapter 31 • peacefully

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

I sighed at the feeling of the fingers caressing my back as I lay on my stomach against the couch after everyone left. "Remove the hair tie please" I mutter under my breath to Seb since I was so exhausted.

He takes the tie off and he already knows how much I love to get my scalp massaged after any tight hairstyle, "You're the best" I sigh and hugged the pillow close to my chest, "I know" He lets the smallest laugh under his breath.

Suddenly I was picked up and I smiled nuzzling my face into the crook of Sebastian's neck, "I have to leave for the warehouse, stay here with Madeline okay?" He asks and I hum. "Why though?" I asked opening my eyes as I stared at his deep grey ones.

"Some paperwork" He sigh and open the door of our room, I glanced towards the bed and a smile creeps up my lips when I saw Madeline laying there sleeping.

He places me down and covers me with the blanket, "Call me if you need anything" He whispers before kissing my lips, I smiled against his lips before we pulled away. He kissed my forehead and was about to leave before I took a hold of his wrist.

"Seb" I called him out in a low voice, he came close and leans down so our faces were inches apart, "Yes amore" He pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear.

It's now or never.

"I love you" I whispered looking at his eyes, I have always thought every single day that I might never wake up and see him again. This thought has been hunting me and I didn't feel peace until these three words left my lips.

His eyes slightly softened, and his hold on my jaw tighten ever so gently. He gave me one of his most beautiful smiles that made his eyes shine due to the moonlight pecking through the windows.

He smashed his lips on mine and I smiled against the kiss, but soon we pulled away when Madeline moved while she is asleep. "I love you, sweetheart, so much" He laughs in happiness. A laugh I never heard coming out of his lips, it was filled with relief, happiness, and joy.

He kissed both of my cheeks before smiling at me, "See you love" He kisses the tip of my nose before giving me one last smile as it lasted until he walked out of the room.

Now I can sleep peacefully.

Sebastian Knight

I entered my warehouse as I tried my best to hide the smile that fights to appear on my lips. I got a message from Alejandro saying he found the location of father dearest and Roberto so here we are.

"What did you find?" I asked Alejandro as I entered the office, "Does the name Micheal Rodriguez, rings any bells?" He asks and I started thinking if I ever heard this name before.

Micheal, Michael, Michael Rodriguez...Of fucking course.

"Yes it does, he is one of my father's best friends, what about him?" I asked with a frown, "Well, he sent us a message. Saying that he can give us the location of Gabriel on one condition" Alejandro sighs as he tapped on his laptop. "And what is it?" I asked.

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