Chapter 33 • "Mommy"

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

I just know something bad happened to Seb, I searched for Alejandro and found that he went with him. It's almost a week and there is no sign of him or Jandro.

I told Ares about it and he send some of his men to search, he even searched himself with them but they couldn't find anything. I can't even tell you how heartbreaking Maddy looks right now.

She thinks that he won't come back, and to be honest I started thinking the same. Mama always called and checked on us and today she said that she will come here with Papa.

And here I am with Madeline in my lap in the living room waiting for them, I told her that my parents are coming and I felt like after she met my brothers. She will do fine.

Madeline is in a hard time that she couldn't even care about meeting new people, all she wants is her dada back and I obviously want the same. The feeling inside my chest only makes me awake all night staring at the gates, waiting to at least see any of Jandro or Seb.

"I want Daddy back" Madeline whispered a thousand times and I sigh, "He will come soon sweetheart, I promise" I kissed her temple letting my lips linger.

After a few seconds, the doors opened making me and Maddy look up to see my parents. My eyes met my mother's and soon both of their gazes went to Madeline who held me tighter and closer.

Their eyes soften at her as they slowly walked since they wouldn't want to scare her away. They took slow steps and sat in the far corner.

"Hey, your Madeline right?" Mama asks with a smile on her face and her tone was so low and calm, Madeline only nods and stares at Papa. I think the same thing that happened with Ares will happen between them because Papa and Ares are like identical twins.

He shoots her a small smile and she nuzzles her face into my neck, "I want bed" She whispered in my ear and I know what she will do, she will cry until she sleeps and fuck does that hurt me, "Maddy li-" I tried talking but she cut me off for the first time, and I knew I had to give her space, "-Please, bed"

"I will take her to bed and come back," I told my parents as they nodded with an understanding look on their faces. I made my way to Madeline's room and placed her gently on the bed before covering her up with the blankets.

"I love you, baby, okay" I took a seat on the edge of the bed, and then suddenly, Madeline hugged me so tightly, "I love you too, so much" She muffled into my chest.

"When Dada comes back, you will get married right?" She asks looking at my eyes, my lips parted at her question that came out of nowhere, "Uhm, why do you want us to get married?" I asked.

"So that you could be my Mommy" She mutters holding me tighter. A warm happy feeling that I never felt rushed through my veins at her words and a wide smile formed on my lips as my heart got filled with happiness and joy.

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