Chapter 35 • "At least I tried"

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

"Okay listen, here is the pl–" I got out of the car immediately when we reached a spot near Seb's location. I didn't even wait for Papa's plan as I started walking deeper into the forest.

"You two, come with me" I demand two of our men to come with me, they look at my parents who sighed and allowed them to follow me.

"Turn your earpiece on" Mama yells at me and I press my earpiece, switching it on. "Can you hear me?" The voice of Papa rings in my ear.

"Yes," I replied as I continued to walk towards the location that is now a few away. Mama and Papa got inside the car and drove to the opposite side so that we surround the place.

Our men already filled the place, surrounding it completely.

A few minutes passed and I could see a small house from a distance and when I saw it I started hiding behind trees since I don't know if someone is there or not.

When I reached the house I could see two figures drinking through the window, I got on my knees and palms as I crawled until I reached below the window.

"They look like they are drinking" Papa informs me through the earpiece, "Please be drunk, it will make the job easier" I rolled my eyes as I crawled to the back of the house, hoping there is something that leads to the basement.

When I reached the back of the house, a smirk appears on my face when I saw a trail of stairs that led down. I looked at the two guards who were in the trees and pointed at them to come here with my index finger.

"You stay here and make sure no one comes after us" I demanded one of them before turning towards the other, "And you will come with me inside"

Me and the guard walked down the stairs and when I arrived at the doors there was a lock on them. I let out a sigh of annoyance as I took out my lock opener, it's a device that could open any lock by turning into the shape of the key.

I pushed it in and when I heard the ringing sound I pulled it out before removing the chains, I opened the door and coughed when some dust came into my face.

"Are you okay?" Papa asks, "Yeah yeah, I'm good" I replied as me and–"What's your name?" I asked the guard, "My name is Dimitri Ms.King" He answered and I could hear his thick Russian accent.

Guess he is from Mama's side.

Me and Dimitri walked down more and it becomes darker and darker, I opened my flashlight. The more I walked in the more it gets creepy. poor baby has been here for so long–I don't think that he would like that nickname–He won't care.

I took out my loaded gun from my waistband as I got ready to shoot anyone when I heard voices and the sound of chains moving.

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