Chapter 36 • Ares

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight


I spend so much time seeing just darkness, I can hear some people's voice and the sound of beeps that reminds me of the hospital machines.

Pain shoots through my body when I try to open my eyes or move. It feels as if I was in fucking hell-I mean you will go there but...Where were you for the last fucking months dickhead?-I hade other Uhm...responsibilities.

Yeah, of course. Fuck you.

My wife already did big boy–You got married?!-Yes actually but she went into a coma for months now...just like you.

Oh....–Fucking stupid bitch! Don't you get it?! Rosa is the one in a coma!-So you are telling me you married my Rosa?!

No fucking way I'm dealing with you, get your ass up and see your fucking Rosa or I will fucking leave to her because your stupidity is raising too high.

Rosa...fuck fuck fuck fuck–She got shot...and-shit.

The pain was raising each time I tried opening my eyes nonstop. No, I need to see her right now. I kept trying, ignoring the voices that became higher the longer I kept fighting the pain.

"Mr.Knight, please don't," All of the voices told me to stop but I didn't give a fuck about them, all of their voice was unfamiliar.

A strong light started to peek into my eyes as the people told me to stop, "Stop talking, motherfuckers" I tried speaking in a strong voice but it came out as a whisper.

I tried to bring my hand up to my face when I felt a strong headache but ended up groaning at the pain that filled my body. Rosa Rosa Rosa Rosa...I need her.

"Mr.Knight please stop, your condition is still bad" When I opened my eyes a bit I could see a glimpse of a hospital room and a bunch of doctors and nurses.

"I need...her" I managed to mutter as I tried moving, "We can't let anyone here sir, and you can't go to anyone, your condition still needs so much to get you back to normal" The doctor tells me.

"Since when did I stay in a coma?" I asked, thinking it a few days only, "A-A month and three weeks" My eyes widened at his reply.

"Your friend, Alejandro Rivera didn't have as many injuries as you, so he spend a few weeks in the hospital. He tried coming here but we stopped him, no one is allowed to enter until we at least–" I cut him off.

"Where is Rosa King?" I grit as my jaw clenched, the pain wasn't stopping and I got so sick of it. "I'm sorry sir...her family told us that the information we have must stay private, we can't tell you"

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