Chapter 30 • Proud

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

Today is the day when Sandro and Ares will come to visit us to spend some time together, and maybe to try and let Madeline meet them. She saw Ares but didn't speak a word to him so it might be a little hard but we are all patient with her and completely understand what she feels.

I still feel like I am the one who was responsible for what happened to her, if I was stronger or at least more open up she wouldn't have gone through all that torture.

Letting out a sigh, I stepped down the stairs heading down to where Seb, Ares, and Alessandro are. When they heard my footsteps they stopped talking about whatever it was as they looked at me.

My eyebrows frowned when I saw a bandage on Ares's leg, it was visible to me since he was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, "What happened to you?" I asked as I made my way towards him, he was about to stand up to hug me but I stopped him, "No you idiot, sit back down you are injured" I rolled my eyes at his dumbness as I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him before making my way to Sandro.

"I missed you, a lot" I mumbled into his chest as he hugged me tighter, "I missed you more, since that dickhead came back I stopped seeing you" Sandro sends a look to Seb and I looked at Seb to see him rolling his eyes taking a sip of his drink.

"So, what happened?" I took a seat beside Seb as I pointed at Ares's injured leg, "It's complicated" He clears his throat and I send him a glare telling him to speak up before I shove Seb's glass down his throat.

"Like who wouldn't be? It's that bitch who won't stop until I am on my fucking death bed" Ares groans annoyed from the topic and I rolled my eyes, "Don't call her that, she saved my life and my daughter's life as well" I stated and Ares mutters, "Whatever"

"So anything new in your life?" I asked Sandro and he shrugged, "Not really, won a few races that's pretty much it" Alessandro has always been obsessed with cars and racing so I didn't find it strange for him to bring racing and cars up.

"Okay, it's boring let's play a game" I suggested and grabbed the bottle of water in front of me and took a few sips before placing it on the table, I sat on the other couch so it won't hit me and Seb at once.

"Whoever the bottle lands on, will ask a question to everyone. Okay?" They all shrugged and I rolled my eyes since it seems that they can't say the word 'yes' or at least nod their stupid heads.

My hand holds the bottle and I twisted it, it kept moving in circles until it slowly stopped on Ares. "That would be fun" He smirks and I don't like that smirk one bit.

"So Sebastian, what do you think I felt when I saw you going inside my club. Knocking two guys off and shoving my sister in a room? I knew what happened so don't say it, the question is. What am I supposed to feel for my poor eyes and the poor floor that got covered with blood?" My eyes widened as I looked between Seb and Ares, Seb was calm as he continued taking sips of his drink.

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