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I moved away from my boyfriend, Ashtray, 4 months ago now. Our goodbye was pretty emotional and extremely hard for both of us. We were each others reasons to live. We promised to keep in contact but then i broke my phone, lost all my contacts and changed my phone number, making us lose contact.

It was hard after not being able to speak with Ash, maybe he's forgotten about me and moved on. It doesn't like an Ashtray thing to do but who knows, it is a possibility. Maybe he thinks i hate him and decided to just hook up with other girls?

I would've added him on Instagram, but i remember him telling me the app was pointless and he'll never use it, so I moved that option aside.

Today, i was sat in my room, going through pictures of Ash and i, just wishing I could be with him or even hear his voice. I haven't heard it in 2 months. I smiled sadly at the coupley pictures Ash swore he'd never take but did anyway. As I began getting emotional, which i did not want to do, my mum barged in. Thank goodness.

"Hey hun, guess what?" She asked and i put the box of pictures down. "What?" I questioned and she smiled widely. "We're moving back to East Highland" she announced and a wide smile came upon my face. "REALLY?" I yelled in excitement and she nodded, making me hug her tightly. "You'll get to see Ashtray again!" She informed.

Little did she know, i was frowning. Thoughts filled my head. What if he actually had forgotten about me? What if he found someone better? Maybe he thinks i purposely changed my number and hates me now?! Y/n stop thinking like this, be happy you're going to see him again for fuck sakes!!

The days flew by and we were finally back in California, East Highland. I was excited to see everyone again, though i was STILL nervous about Ashtray, butterflies filled my stomach and no, it wasn't the good ones!

I finished redecorating my room and heard a knock at my front door. My mum was out finding a new job so i was currently home alone. I made my way downstairs and answered the door, to my surprise, it was Rue. My best friend! "Y/n L/n, I KNEW IT WAS YOU!" She yelled happily and pulled me into a long hug.

"Its been so fucking long, i saw you and your mum walk into this house yesterday and i just had to come and see you!" She explained with a bright smile. She hasn't changed one bit, well..a little more energetic but, still the same old Rue i knew. "How have you been, Rue-Rue?" I asked softly. "Good, missed you though, like alot. And don't get me fucking started on Ashtray"

As soon as she said his name, i looked at her directly in the eyes. "Ash? How's he been?" I asked nervously and she shrugged. "See for yourself" she pulled me out the house, slammed the door and dragged me off. "Oh- wh-where are we going?" I asked and she grinned. "The station, duh!" She stated as if it was obvious.

I noticed that the station wasn't far from my house and when i stood in front of the doors, my legs felt like jello, it felt hard to even stand straight. "You're shaking like a grandma drinking juice, grow the fuck up and go see him" Rue insisted and shoved me into the well known freezer, where Ash and i hung out nearly every single day. "Who is it?" I heard a voice.

And it was definitely Ashtrays.

"Ash.." I mumbled and he immediately looked up, straight into my eyes. He stood up quickly and walked over, cupping my face. "I'm not imagining this...am i?" He asked, mainly to himself. I teared up and shook my head while laughing. "No, Ash. You're not dreaming.." I answered and he looked me up and down before pulling me into a hug.

The hug was passionate, meaningful and loving. A hug that you give someone when you haven't seen each other in a long time. Those hugs, and it warmed my heart. It felt perfect to be in his arms again. I let out a small cry while Ash had tears running down his cheeks.

"I thought you forgot about me..or didn't want anything to do with me anymore" he informed and i shook my head. "No, Ash. I could never do something like that to you...I changed my number and lost yours. After that, i thought you'd hate me and move on to another girl" I explained quietly.

Ash smiled weakly. "I would never leave you, ma. After all this time, i was just waiting for you to come home" he whispered and connected his forehead to mine. "After all this time, i was waiting to come home to you, Ashtray...i love you so much" I murmured softly and he pecked my lips.

"I love you more, Y/n. You moving away never stopped that and nothing ever will stop that" he whispered and gave a gentle smile before we shared another kiss. This time, more passionately.

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