23: it's time

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the teen girl has called her boyfriend multiple times. he didn't answer. she left at least 10 voicemails. she decided to sleep since she could obviously tell he'd been avoid her calls.

"hey gigi-" chris started to say before seeing the girl sound alseep.

he heard gia's phone ring. as he looks on the screen, he rolls his eyes and answers.

"hey babe. i saw that i have 45 missed calls of you what's up?" 

"she's sleeping so i'm taking a message"

"chris? what are you doing on gigi's phone?"

"nothing i just saw you called so i answered to take a message. do it quick"

"well she called me 45 times so something's wrong"

"yeah. maybe the fact that you were hanging with ur so called middle school friend. you weren't even in our middle school"

"okay? you know it was a lie right?"

"yes i'm not fucking dumb steven. just why would you lie about seeing madison? i'm sure gia would've understood"

"she hates maddie. she wouldn't approve of me seeing her"

"what were you doing with madison anyways?"

"just chilling. we were good friends in freshman year so we were catching up"

"only catching up?"

"uh yeah? why do you care? ur not even her boyfriend anymore"

"i don't. this is for gigi. i literally told you earlier i'm taking a message"

"okay. then while ur here i could ask you something?"

"i'm all ears"

"why did gianna go to ur room the other night?"

"not this again. she told you and i'm gonna tell you the same thing. you know how thunderstorms get her and she didn't want to wake you so she came to me. nothing happened i swear"

"i don't buy it. at least not coming from you"


"this whole best friend bullshit. i know something is going on between you two and i'm gonna find out"

"well it's gonna take you a very long time to find because there's nothing"

"oh. so you suddenly broke up with madison and made amends with her?"

"uh yeah? i haven't talked or hanged with her in 7 months and madison was just too much and i lost feels for her"

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