27: clout chaser

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irl and insta !

"hi yes could i get a doritos loco" matt said in the microphone.

"what drink would you like?"

"dr pepper"

when he finished ordering, he waited in the car line for at least 10 minutes. in the meantime, gianna was making a tiktok when chris spit his mouth full of water onto the girl.

"fuck you now i have your spit on me"

the boy just laughed in her face. soon after nick realized, he also started laughing.

"you look terrible" nick laughed out.

"thanks to chris" she mumbled.

"hey you looked so focused on that phone i needed your attention" he replied pouting.

"for what? to spit fucking water onto my face?"

"maybe..." he giggled.

"then it is not worth my attention chrissy"

"you're right it's not" he started.

the sturniolo triplet puts his arm around the girl's shoulder and pulls her closer to him. i would be caught lying if i said that gianna didn't have butterflies in her stomach.

"does this brings ur attention to me" he says lifting her head with two fingers.


"yo you guys are gross" matt remarked.

"for real. and gigi hasn't even officially broke up with steven so she's not yours kid" nick stated.

"she isn't for now. maybe in 10 years" chris said that caught gianna's attention.

"moving on... i wanna post something on my youtube cause it's been forever. you guys wanna be in it?"

"sure what are we gonna do?" nick asked.

"i told my fans to write some assumptions about me. kinda like what you guys did" she added.

"idea stealer but let's go for it" matt said causing the girl to roll her eyes.

"we'll do it when we're back at the airbnb cause a car video and i aren't having it today" she finished.

while they were on the ride back, gia looks over chris's shoulder as she saw a familiar face on his phone.

"what are you looking at?" she asked.

"you'll see on instagram" he chuckled.

the girl looked at the teen boy in confusion before nodding her head.



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