28: stick to the plan

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irl and imsg !

today was the day everyone back to boston. also the day that steven was going to break up with gianna. he had it all planned out.

as of right now the young adults were sitting waiting for their gate to be called.

"i'm so excited to go back home but i'm gonna miss madi and laura" gianna sighed.

"same. but at least we'll get to see alahna, nate and our parents" nick said.


"boarding gate 22 going to boston"

they all got up walking towards their gate. as they made it into the airplane, they took their assigned seat. gianna and chris being them, forgot that they were sitting next to their "significant other".

my chrissy 🫶🏻
wanna switch seats with madison now i can't bare this 😔😔

my gigi 💞
not now dumbass
stick to the plan

my chrissy 🫶🏻

my gigi 💞
bc steven is a bitch and i have to end it cause he's not quite my type

my chrissy 🫶🏻
not what you said three weeks agoooo

my gigi 💞
yo keep on doing what ur doing and i'm not switching after

my chrissy 🫶🏻
fuck off human

my gigi 💞
i love u too 🥰
now if you'll excuse me i have to fake cry in a couple of minutes

my chrissy 🫶🏻
do it fast she's alr telling me off

as the plane ride started, gia followed her plan. she put her head on steven's shoulder and drifted to sleep. about an hour later, steven shrugged his shoulder making gianna wake up.

"gia, i have something to tell you" he started.

"what's up?"

"well this is kinda hard to say but i hope you'll understand"

"love just spit it out"

"we're over" he pronounced.

"think of chris putting you in the washer. cmon!" she thought.

then as soon as the memory of the washer came back, she started to cry.

"yes!" she screamed in her head.

"i knew it" she sobbed.

"knew what?"

"this was going to happen. after i saw the pictures of you kissing madison at a party. i thought we had something!" she exclaimed the last part making the people around her, including the triplets, madison and sierra, look at her.

"we did have something. i just feel more confortable with maddie. she understands me in a certain way"

"in a certain way? that i couldn't understand the two times we were dating?"

"yeah. besides you spent your entire time with chris and i was getting sick of it. plus madison kisses wayyyy better than you" that last part made the brunette girl get up from her seat and going towards chris's seat.

"if you don't mind madison, could we switch seats?" gia asked wiping a tear with her sleeve.

"be my guest. i can't bare another hour sitting next to him" she said while getting up.

as gia sat in the seat, she felt a nudge in her rib.

"how did it go?" chris whispered.

"great. my plan worked perfectly" she sighed of relief.

"i'm glad cause that girl was getting on my nerves for an hour" he told as gia laughed.

"how did she get on your nerves?"

"she was like gianna is a bitch and she even asked me if i missed her"

"what did you say?"

"i laughed and said no" they both laughed.

two hours past by as they spent those two hours talking and laughing. while chris was watching youtube on his phone, he felt a head bunp on his shoulder. it was gianna sleeping.

"so peaceful" he thought.

his eyes were getting heavy so he closed his phone and rested his head on gianna's head. nick turned to his left and saw the two best friends. as his jaw dropped to the ground, he tapped matt on the head making sure he's awake.

"fuck off. i'm trying to sleep" he scoffed tightening his grip on sierra's arm.

"move i wanna see why he hit you" she said shoving her boyfriend in his seat.

this time the moon girl smacked her boyfriend's head.

"WHAT?!" he whispered yelled before sierra turned his head towards the non-couple.

at his response, he gawd and went bad to sleep. he could still hear, he just doesn't want to be bothered.

"if they sleep like this in the car i'm posting a picture on instagram" sierra whispered.

"10 bucks they've officiated the couple" matt said.

"20." nick added.



short chapter.
finally the last bad couple is done 😎😎😎

i literally have nothing to say these days in my a/n.

i start school in 4 weeks help 🥲

anyways i'll see y'all in the next chapter 🤓


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