Swimming and face masks!!

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( I'm sorry for not posting yesterday I was going through something but I'm fine now so, to the story 😁

Dad: hey bud
Steve: why is he here y/n
Y/n: to be honest I have no idea
* Steve had his fists clenched, almost like he was ready to punch dad *
* you could see a tear run down Steve's cheek, you felt bad knowing the spot he's in right now *
Y/n: Steve he's not staying don't worry
Dad: about that..
Y/n: NO!!
Dad: please, I have no where to go
Y/n: you just come running back to us cause you don't have a place to stay?
Dad: that's not it..
Steve: leave
Dad: come on son I'm sorry for leaving you I really am
Steve: do I have to repeat myself?
* Steve's voice was breaking, you tell he was sad but also extremely angry*
* your dad sighed and got back into his car*
Y/n: Steve..
* as your dad was pulling out of the driveway you walked up to Steve and gave him a hug*
* your dad drove off without another word*
Y/n: it's ok Steve, he's gone now
* Steve was hugging you softly, afraid he might hurt you*
Y/n: it's ok
Steve: thank you
Y/n: I'm your sister it's my job to make sure your ok
Steve: yeah I guess
* you let go of Steve and he let go of you, Eddie walked behind you and hugged you, planting kisses by your ear*
Eddie: let's go do face masks!
Y/n: is that what you wanna do baby?
Eddie: mmh
Y/n: ok!
* you all walked in and you and Eddie ran upstairs into your room*
Y/n: I'll go get them!
Eddie: ok
* you went into your bathroom and got the face masks*
Y/n: got them
Eddie: yay!
* you walked up to Eddie*
Y/n: ok so first we have to wet our faces and then put them on
Eddie: wet them how? * he said winking at you*
Y/n: your such a pervert, Munson
Eddie: not as much as you!
Y/n: oh really?
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: I don't believe you
Eddie: mmh, sure you don't
* you and Eddie walked into the bathroom and covered your faces with water*
Y/n: ready for the real show?
Eddie: always
* you and Eddie ripped the face mask packages and applied the face masks on each other, both of you were trying your best not to laugh*
Y/n: ok now we leave them to dry
Eddie: but what do we do now
Y/n: umm
Eddie: we annoy Steve!!
Y/n: omg yes!
Y/n: we should pull a prank on him
Eddie: what prank tho
Y/n: hmm
Eddie: let's put yellow die in his shampoo bottle!!
Y/n: Omg that's such a good idea!
Eddie: I'll go get the die from the kitchen, you find the shampoo bottle
Y/n: ok
* Eddie leaves to go find yellow food die and you sneak into Steve bathroom and find the shampoo bottle*

Few minutes later

Eddie: ok I got it did you find the bottle
Y/n: yeah I did and by the way you take so long!
Eddie: oh shut up
Y/n: meh meh meh
Eddie: I'm serious * he says in between giggles*
Y/n: ok put the die in the bottle
Eddie: alright let's do it
* you untwisted the cap and Eddie poured the die into Steve's shampoo bottle*
Eddie: its perfect cause the shampoo is yellow
Y/n: i know right
Eddie: Kay, mix it with this spoon
Y/n: ooo ok
* Eddie handed you the spoon and you mixed in the die*
Eddie: perfect
Y/n: it's temporary right?
Eddie: yeah but should still take 3 weeks to get it fully out
Y/n: that's good
* you guys finished and placed the bottle back in its original spot, then you both walked to your bathroom*
Y/n: looks like the face masks are ready to take off
Eddie: I mean I think they look ready or maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me
Y/n: shut up Munson
Eddie: I should start calling you that
Y/n: Munson?
Eddie: hmm
* you started blushing like crazy then said*
Y/n: stick around long enough and you just might
Eddie: then that's exactly what I'll do
Y/n: bet
Eddie: bet
* Eddie was leaning on the door frame and you guys locked eye contact, he then looked down at your lips and you realized*
Y/n: face masks now!
Eddie: right
* you two removed the face masks, your faces looking shiny and soft*
Eddie: wanna go in the pool?
Y/n: yeah, you can just steal some of Steve's swim wear
Eddie: ok be back soon
Y/n: ok
* he kissed your cheek and then left to Steve's room*
* you walked to your closet and put on this swimsuit* ⬇️

Eddie: ok I got it did you find the bottle Y/n: yeah I did and by the way you take so long!Eddie: oh shut upY/n: meh meh mehEddie: I'm serious * he says in between giggles*Y/n: ok put the die in the bottleEddie: alright let's do it* you untwisted ...

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( sorry if you don't like it)

* Eddie walked into your room and started checking you out*
Y/n: like what you see
Eddie: very~
* he walked up to you and wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you closer to him*
Y/n: what are you up to mr Munson
Eddie: to answer your question Mrs Munson I'm up to this
* he leaned in and kissed you on the lips*
Y/n: I love you
Eddie: I love you to
Y/n: pool let's go!
Eddie: right
* you two walked out to see Steve in his swim wear talking to girl*
Y/n: and who's this?
Steve: this is Emma
Emma: hi your Steve's sister right?
Y/n: yes I am nice to meet you
Emma: you to and who's this
* she points to Eddie who was holding your hand tightly*
Y/n: this is Eddie my boyfriend
Emma: nice to meet you Eddie
Eddie: yeah
* Emma winked at him and you noticed, you looked over at Eddie who was clearly uncomfortable*
Y/n: hey baby
Eddie: hmm?
* you turned toward Eddie and wrapped your arms around his neck*
Y/n: let's go swim
Eddie: ok
* he wrapped his hands around your waist and kissed you on the lips*
Emma: um Steve let's go
Steve: why?
Emma: let's just go..
* she looked pretty sad seeing you and Eddie kiss but you didn't care, no one flirts with your boyfriend and gets away with it*
* Eddie picked you up bridal style and walked toward the edge of the pool*
Y/n: Eddie what are you doing?
Eddie: oh nothing~
* he stopped for a few seconds then threw you into the pool*
Y/n: hey!
* you pulled him in by his hand*
Eddie: Ahhh!
* Eddie falls in and Steve and Emma walked away*
Y/n: that's what you get!
Eddie: I deserved that
* you swim over to him and wrap your legs around him and then gave him a hug*
Y/n: let's stay like this for a bit
Eddie: of course
* you had your head in the crook of Eddie's neck and he had his hands on your ass, supporting you*
* you fell asleep to the sound of Eddie humming you a song in your ear*

( I hope you guys liked this chapter, I'll try and post again tomorrow but idk, anyways bye)

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