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SUNDAY, JUNE 9TH, 2024: 10 A.M

"Thank you for the lead. I'll keep you posted on everything that is going to happen after this information is put out in the stations Mr. Washington." Officer Moore said, causing me to smiled

"You're welcome, and thank you for your time." I said, then I hung up the phone and let out a deep breath.

"What's the matter?" Zohra asked, strapping her bra.

"I can't believe I did it, and they're taking the lead." I said smiling, then I got behind her and helped her strap her bra.

"That's so good, baby! I know how y'all hood niggas be about snitching, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." She said, causing me to laugh.

"Bae the hood niggas be the main ones, except for
me and my crew though." I said, then she started laughing.

"I believe you." She said, turning around to face me then I looked down at her titties.

"It's about time for some new bras don't you think?" I asked, trying to fix her bra in the front.

"Yesss, but bras expensive." She said rolling her eyes.

"Not too expensive for me, so we gone go get you some today. Shit, you might as well go braless because ion like how this bra go yo titties looking suffocated." I said, then she folded her arms.

"It's a push up bra, Tribe. It's supposed to be like that, you know what leave me alone." She said, walking over to her closet.

"My bad bae I ain't know, and what the fuck you need pushed up I got two hands that work perfectly fine." I called out, then she slammed her closet door causing me to laugh.


"Guh, where the hell you going?" I asked, licking my lips when Zo walked out her closet.


"Shopping with my future baby daddy and husband

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"Shopping with my future baby daddy and husband." She said, smiling then she came and stood in between my legs.

"Let's have a quickie." I said, grabbing her ass causing her to laugh.

"Nope, I just showered and I'm ready to spend some money." She said, then I slapped her ass.

"Please?" I asked, rubbing the spot I smacked.

"Noooo." She dragged out, causing me to suck my teeth.

"Mmtch, alright let's go." I said, picking her up by her hips then I moved her out of my way and stood up.

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