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- Atlanta, GA -

" So you done got chu a nigga now huh?" Kemarion said to Kior as they walked to the back together

She looked at him before looking side to side.

" I'm very much single' keelo is not my nigga I don't have a nigga" she stated

She tired of people thinking they together.

Kemarion threw his hands up in defense.

" aye you be the one boo'd up wit nigga kissing nd shi, he in yo phone and shi" he said

" well like I said I'm single" she took a seat

" mhm, ion even see you no mo like dat. Nigga must got chu on lock down or sum shi" he says being petty

Kior mugged him sucking her teeth.

" don't play wit me kemarion"

" I'm just sayin...then that time I came to see you nigga was dere telling you to make sure to wash yo sheets nd shi' he kissed yo ass; some mo" he spoke

Is ya jealous or sum?

Kior huffed getting annoyed.

" u had me come here to talk about me nd another nigga or to talk business?" She said

" business" he responded

" okayyy so talk bout it" she did movements wit her hands

He sucked his teeth sitting down in the chair across from her.

" Since youn really like killing mfs no mo, what chu think bout being the hood doctor" he suggested

Hood Doctor; Taking care of the goons who end up getting shot or hurt so police don't get involved cus they could possibly have a warrant.

Everytime she use to kill someone it made her feel like she was gonna be like her dad. He was a serial killer and she refuses to be anything like him.

Kior use to be really wild when it came to killing ..but we not gon say too much.

" depends on how much I'm getting paid" she sat up

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