Steve's Hair?

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( 6:46 am )

* You slowly opened your eyes realizing your not in the pool anymore but on your bed*
Y/n: Eddie? * You mumbled *
* You looked behind your shoulder to see Eddie fast asleep, tangled in the sheets and his hair all around the place. You giggled quietly to yourself and crawled out of your bed slowly, trying not to wake up Eddie*
Eddie: Mmm, Y/n?
Y/n: Go back to bed Ed...
Eddie: Come back here * He said in a whiny voice, knowing it was your weak spot for him*
Y/n: I will in a minute, I have to wake Steve up.
Eddie: No~
Y/n: Yes, now go back to sleep.
Eddie: Not until you get over here..
Y/n: In a minute, I promise.
Eddie: Fine...
* You walked out of your room and went downstairs into Steve's room*
Y/n: Morning shit face * You said throwing a pillow at him*
Steve: Go away...
Y/n: Get up, Dustin's been calling on the walkie.
Steve: Fine..
Y/n: Also don't forget to take a shower, you stink.
* Steve glared at you for a moment before saying*
Steve: Thanks * In a very sarcastic tone*
Y/n: You're very welcome.
* You walked out of Steve's room, you made your way to the kitchen and grabbed a square of cheese from the fridge and thought of something*
Y/n: Perfect...
* You grinned and walked upstairs holding the piece of cheese in your hand and walked into your room*
Eddie: Baby?
* You stayed quiet and climbed into bed. You leaned over him and yelled*
Y/n: Cheese!!
* You threw the flat piece of cheese onto his face*
Eddie: Oh~ yummy.
Y/n: That wasn't suppose to be your reaction, stupid.
* Eddie stared at you before picking up the cheese off his face and ate it*
Eddie: Come back here, I missed you...
Y/n: Alright, fine.
* You smiled and crawled over to Eddie, laying down next to him*
Y/n: I told Steve to take a shower..
Eddie: Oh? Almost forgot about that. * He said giggling *
Y/n: Same.
Eddie: Y/n..
Y/n: Hmm?
Eddie: Wanna come to my D & D game after school?
Y/n: I would love too.
Eddie: Really?
Y/n: Of course.
Eddie: Fuck, I love you...
Y/n: I love you more~
Eddie: Not possible...
Y/n: Anything is possible.
* You lifted your head from his shoulder, and hovered over his face*
Y/n: You're hair is a mess.
Eddie: Again?
Y/n: A lot worse...
Eddie: Shit.
Y/n: I'll help.
Eddie: Really?
Y/n: Yeah let me just go grab my hair brush.
Eddie: Thank you, babe.
* You crawled out of bed and walked over to your bathroom, you grabbed your hairbrush and walked back over to Eddie who was now sitting up*
Y/n: Alright you big baby come over and sit in between by legs..
Eddie: Yes ma'm.
* He crawled over to you and sat in between your legs*
Eddie: Now, please help.
Y/n: Patience...
* You started brushing his hair, gently afraid you might hurt him meanwhile he was fiddling with his rings and talking to you about Hellfire*
Eddie: Are you sure you wanna come?
Y/n: To the D & D game?
Eddie: Yeah, I mean the game is-
Y/n: Of course I wanna come, and if I didn't then I still would be there to support you.
* Eddie began blushing like crazy and you notice moments later*
Y/n: Someone's a tomato.
Eddie: Shut up.
Y/n: Alright, i'm done.
* Eddie released a big sigh and then leaned back and placed his head into your lap so that you were looking down on him*
Eddie: Thank you princess~
Y/n: Always. * You said winking*
Eddie: Give me a kiss please, I miss your lips on mine.
Y/n: You're a dork, Eddie Munson.
* You and Eddie shared a laugh as you leaned down and kissed Eddie. One of Eddie's hands was twirling your hair as you moved your hands to cup his cheeks*
Eddie: You're lips are perfect.
Y/n: I wouldn't go that far-
* Before you could even finish your sentence Eddie pulled you into another kiss. You made out like that for a few minutes before hearing*
Steve: Ahhhhh!
Eddie: I'm guessing he took his shower...
Y/n: Seems like it..
* You and Eddie looked into each other's eyes for a moment before being interrupted by Steve bursting into your room*
Steve: Why the hell is my hair yellow!
Y/n: I don't know, do you Eddie?
Eddie: No, definitely not at all...
Steve: I know you did it Y/n.
Y/n: Alright chill, yeah me and Eddie decided it would be funny to prank you.
Steve: Eddie, because of you my hair looks like a huge pile of mustard!
Eddie: Or piss either one works. * He said shrugging his shoulders*
Y/n: Do you want to get killed?
Eddie: Dunno?
Steve: Whatever, it just better be temporary...
Eddie: It is, although it will still take at least a few weeks to get out.
* Steve groaned and left your room quickly*
Y/n: Well that went as planned.
Eddie: Yep.
Y/n: We should get ready for school...
Eddie: But I like this position, your lap is really comfy.
Y/n: Eddie...
Eddie: Stop call me that, call me something else..
Y/n; Why?
Eddie: Cause your my girlfriend.
Y/n: Okay, then let's get ready for school Ed.
Eddie: That's perfect.
* He grinned, leaning up from your lap allowing you to get up*
Y/n: Time for torture...
Eddie: Uhhh..

A/n: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, have a great day or night..

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