Chapter 22

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I was infuriated and heartbroken. I felt my heartbeat in my ears. It felt as if all the world was crashing in on me and Everest was pushing the rubble down further . He was hurting and needs to blame this incident on something other than nature because he cant beat up nature.

But I knew him enough to recognize that look in his eyes, that pure hatred yet total undiffernce. He looked that way at all of the people who we were about to kill. He was not going to kill me, but I was already dead to him.

I hurt because I knew he was right. I acted on impulse, I forgot that I was dealing with my flower.

"Guys?," Mia's little stranied angelic voice filled my ears.

I fell dead silent and stopped my bickering with Everest.

"I'm here my angel, I'm right here," Everest rushed to her side. Her eyes opened the slightest, and closed back again. She extended her arm ever so slightly toward's Everest and he wasted no time to hold onto it. He brought her hand up to his lips and left a trail of kisses.

She fell back asleep.

"Be usefull, go back home and grab a bunch of clothes for her and Greyson," he didnt even bother looking at my eyes.

I felt hopeless, but I did what he said anyway.

Before leaving I passed by to see greyson. When I reached the room, he had his eyes opened, and they widned at the sight of me. I smiled a sad smile and slowly walked towards him.

He had a tube down his mouth that prevented him from talking. I took the oppourtunity to tell him a few things.

"Hey Grey, that was one hell of shitshow," i gave out a sad chuckle. His eyes twinkled at my sad attempt of a joke. "I am sorry i couldnt be the man you needed today, i'm sorry for not acting right. Mia is okay, you are okay, that is all the reassurance I need,"

I paused and walked to his side. " I love you." I gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. I got up to leave but I felt his grasp on my arm trying to stop me. I looked back and his eyes were wet and confused. I bent down to his eye level and said: " I promise you will be okay, you might be confused now but soon Everest will come and explain what happened and when he does I need you to know that I love you and I love Her, and I will forever be sorry for what I did, but I promise this is not the end for us," I got up and left, determined.


"Mia my sweet girl, eat your jello." I let out a sigh, feeling drained. " It has been 5 days since Kenny came, daddy. Does he not love me?" All she talked about was how he was not here. A part of me ached for her, another part burned with jealousy.

"Angel girl, he loves you, but he can't come right now." I did not know how to address what happened, It's been five days and there was absolutely no sign of him. I was worried but tried to not care. His actions drove us here.

Greyson and Mia shared a room after we asked, actually afer paying a few hundred bills to the nurses. He layed on his own bed, his face expressionless. They both have gotten much better but Greyson was kept for further tests and Mia was there for supervision in case of infection. She was stinky though. I had cleaned dried blood off of her, but her hair lay in mats on top of her head. She refused to take showers, she refused to eat, she only allowed herself to talk about Mackenzie.

"What the hell happened?" Greyson asked angrily.

"Nothing le it go and that's the last of it and him," i said unbothered.

"I did not ask, you will tell me or I swear to you it will only be Mia and I leaving the hospital together,"he caught me off gaurd with his authority.

"He hit Mia," I said finally. I searched their faces for an expression of how they feel.

Mia looked unbothered without a care in the world. Greysons eyes grew dark. "Explain more," he said.

"After you had your attack and the shard of glass peirced Mia, She straddled you, she was scared out of her mind, she was crying and in pain, she was bleeding and you were dying next to us. She cried for help and when Mackenzie picked her up, she did not want to leave his side. So he got annoyed and flustered and pulled her over his knee right then and there and spanked her telling her to shut up so that he could think," remembering the scene and all the blood and her screams sent shivers down my spine.

"That asshole," muttred Greyson angrily.

"So?" Mia broke her silence.

"So? Mia, baby, he is your caregiver, he treated you without care," I said softly.

"and where were you exactly?" she crossed her arms over her chest. I never saw her talking so maturely and confident.

"What?" i asked

" I was bleeding to death. Greyson was having a bloody seizure, anyone would be mortfied seeing their loved ones almost die, they would feel helpless and overwhelmed, they would not think straight. I didn't even know i was struck by glass because of how scared i was for Grey. And you, Everest, you did not move. Kenz was just as scared as you but he took action immediately. While he saw his boyfriend shaking and his girlfriend bleeding to death, he did not even for one moment, stop and panic. While all you did was stand," My face fell at her words, I slowly began remembering what happened that night and the voice of Kenzy beging me to help rung in my head.

"standing unmoving is not very caregiving like either, but i dont hold you accountable for your actions in a state of panic," she stated.

I felt so small being scolded by a tiny girl.

"Greyson, under other circumstances, if I were pulling a tantrum at the wrong time, would you not spank me?"

" I would," Greyson said guilty

" and it was me who he hit, so it is me who decides if i forgive him and it is me who should decided if I want him to leave"

"Do you forgive him?" I asked.

"I never even held it against him, I want him back" 

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