13. In My Time of Dying

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Season Two

The demon-possessed truck driver stepped out of his truck and walked over. John, Dean and Cassidy were unconscious. Sam swallowed, barely awake. The demon pulled the driver's side door off its hinges and Sam pointed the Colt at him.

"Back," Sam demanded. "Or I'll kill you, I swear to God."

"You won't," the demon said. "You're saving the bullet for someone else."

Sam cocked the gun. "You wanna bet?"

The demon smiled before black smoke poured from the man, who collapsed. Sam uncocked the gun and dropped his head back in relief.

"Oh, my God!" the man cried.

"Dad?" Sam called.

"Did I do this?"

"Dad! Dean? Cassi? Dean! Cassi!"

The next morning, a rescue helicopter arrived on scene.

The four were being loaded onto stretchers. John, Dean and Cassidy were still unconscious, Sam was awake.

One paramedic looked over Cassidy. "Significant passenger side intrusion. Unresponsive. BP is 185 over 65, heart rate 95."

"Tell me if they're okay!" Sam cried.

"You have to stay still!" a female paramedic told him.

"Are they even still alive?"


In her room, Cassidy sat up, worked her jaw, and got out of bed. She was wearing a white T-shirt, hospital pants and nothing else.

She went into the hallway. "Sam? John? Dean? Anybody?" She went down the stairs to the front of the hospital and found a nurse's station. "Excuse me. Hi. I, uh, I think I was in a car accident, my, uh, friends' dad, and my friends, I just need to find them." The nurse was unresponsive. "Hello?" She snapped her fingers before going upstairs, panicked, and found herself intubated on his bed, dying.

Sam and Dean entered Cassidy's room. They stopped at the door and stared at her body, breathing heavily. Dean moved closer to her and stroked her hair in a gentle manner.

"Sammy! Dean!" Cassidy exclaimed. "You look good. Considering."

"Oh, no," Sam said.

"Please, tell me you two can hear me."

"How's your dad? Is he okay? Come on, you're the psychic. Give me some ghost whispering or something!"

The doctor entered. "Your father's awake. You can go see him if you like."

"Thank God," Cassidy mumbled.

"Doc, what about the kid?" Sam asked.

"Well, she sustained serious injury; blood loss, contusions to her liver and kidney," the doctor informed. "But it's the head trauma I'm worried about. There's early signs of cerebral edema."

"Well, what can we do?" Dean asked in a desperate tone.

"Well, we won't know her full condition until she wakes up. If she wakes up."


"I have to be honest-"

"Oh, screw you, doc, I'm waking up," Cassidy said.

The doctor continued. "Most people with this degree of injury wouldn't have survived this long. She's fighting very hard. But you need to have realistic expectations."

"Come on, Sam, Dean," Cassidy said. "Go find some magic priest to lay some healing on me. Sam? Dean?"

Sam and Dean walked away.

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