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I knew how protective Ashtray was, he always has been even before we started dating. He grew overprotective but it wasn't in a bad or possessive way, it was a cute way. I wanted to get his reaction with something, like..smiling down at my phone to see if he'd question it at all.

The perfect time to do it was when Ash wasn't paying attention to me, cause if i act suspicious and pull the prank, i'd gain his attention easily.

So that's exactly what i did. Ashtray invited me over, we cuddled for awhile until he wanted to play some games on his computer..and i still wanted to be in his arms. I grinned and pulled my phone out, messaging my best friend, Maddy Perez, about the prank. She agreed to help me with it.

As promised, she sent me funny shit to laugh at or gave me small reminders about what Ash and i have done in the past to make me smile and the memories. It was working well, Ash kept glancing at me in suspicion. "what you laughing at?" He asked, raising a brow at me.

I quickly covered my phone. "Nothing" I replied, a grin on my face. He raised a brow at me. "Ma" he warned with a stern tone. "Seriously, it's nothing!" I lied and he slowly nodded and looked away, sneaking small glances at me, making sure I wasn't doing anything, i went back to my phone.

Bitch, is it working?

                     yep, he's getting pissed, i can tell.

This is kinda funny.
I wanna see his reaction babes

                     I can't show u, but i can tell u💀

I can already imagine the look on
his face.

I let out a small laugh making Ashtray look at me once again. "Alright, who are you talking to?" He questioned and i gave him a fake curious look. "Nobody.." I answered and avoided eye contact with him, he took my chin in his hands. "Tell me, love." Butterflies immediately filled my stomach once he whispered that, my mouth hung open.

And i was too slow to snatch the phone off him when he grabbed it from my hands and read the messages. He looked irritated when he saw them. "Maddy?! Are you fucking kidding me, Y/n?" He questioned, his eyes glaring into mine. "Umm..pranked yaaa!" I said nervously.

He rolled his eyes but I noticed a small smile form on his lips. I immediately smiled too. "You're smiling" i pointed out and his smile instantly dropped. "Wh- no! I'm very mad Y/n, very mad" he informed, i smirked. "Oh shut up, loser" I laughed and he joined in. He lifted me up, took me to his chair and sat me on his lap.

"Seriously ma, I thought you were texting a boy or something" he mumbled and i kissed his forehead gently. "Dont worry baby, you're the only one who makes me smile like that" I reassured and he furrowed his brows. "But...Maddy made you smile like that?" He spoke, confused. "Yeah, because she also mentioned a few of our cute memories together" I replied and he nodded slowly.

"I'll never cheat on you, Ash. I promise." I said and he smiled and nodded. I feel like thats all he wanted to hear from me. Reassurance and comfort. So that's what I would give him.

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