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Y/n: time to get ready..
Eddie: can't we cuddle more?
Y/n: well yeah but I need to get ready for school and you do to
Eddie: school is boring
Y/n: yeah sometimes I guess

( you put on this outfit) ⬇️

( and did your hair like this) ⬇️

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( and did your hair like this) ⬇️

Y/n: are you ready?Eddie: not reallyY/n: I'm gonna go make breakfast, you get ready!Eddie: fine but can you make waffles Y/n: of course * you walked over to Eddie and gave him a kiss on the top of his head*Eddie: woah come backY/n: hmm?Eddie: that...

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Y/n: are you ready?
Eddie: not really
Y/n: I'm gonna go make breakfast, you get ready!
Eddie: fine but can you make waffles
Y/n: of course
* you walked over to Eddie and gave him a kiss on the top of his head*
Eddie: woah come back
Y/n: hmm?
Eddie: that is not where you are suppose to kiss me
Y/n: so I can only kiss you on the lips now?
Eddie: no.. just come here
Y/n: ok
* you walked back over to Eddie and leaned down next to him*
Y/n: your a dork Munson
Eddie: I'm not gonna take that offensive
Y/n: good
* you leaned in and kissed Eddie, as you both were kissing you started running your hands through his hair*
Eddie: I'll never get sick of this feeling
Y/n: you better not
Eddie: mmh
Y/n: I have to make breakfast ok?
Eddie: fine
* you both stood up and Eddie gave you one last kiss before you left to make breakfast*

7: 09 am

* you were making waffles as you felt hands around your waist*
Eddie: that smells good
Y/n: me or the waffles?
Eddie: the waffles smell good but not nearly as good as you
Y/n: aww
* Eddie planted soft, gentle kisses along your jaw and neck*
Y/n: your distracting me baby
Eddie: so?
Y/n: do you want burnt breakfast.. again..
Eddie: if it means I get to kiss you then yeah
Y/n: well I want food so sorry
Eddie: aww
* Eddie kept on placing small kisses on your neck and by your ear*
Steve: am I intruding?
Y/n: Steve help
Steve: umm
Y/n: he won't let go of me
Eddie: I don't wanna
Steve: Eddie she has to cook
Eddie: she can cook as I hug her
Y/n: baby
Eddie: please?
* Steve walked over to Eddie and pulled him off of you*
Eddie: come on
Steve: sit down and wait
Eddie: and why should I listen to you?
Y/n: babe
Eddie: yes darling
Y/n: sit down and I might give you a kiss
* as Steve turned to look at Eddie, he was already sitting down*
Steve: wow, so you listen to her and not me
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: waffles are ready
Eddie: so I can get my kiss!
Y/n: patience love
* Eddie gave you puppy eyes as you handed them waffles*
Eddie: kiss?
Y/n: I'm coming
Eddie: yay!
* Eddie held out his arms, signaling for you to kiss him*
Y/n: I'm coming calm down
* you put your hands on his cheeks and kissed him*
* he put a hand on your waist and the other on the back of your neck, deepening the kiss*
Steve: enough
Eddie: shut up mustard
Y/n: new nickname!

( school)

Y/n: school is so boring
Eddie: agreed
Y/n: hmm, wanna skip
Eddie: sure but what would we do
Y/n: let's go prep for hellfire
Eddie: this early?
Y/n: it's something to do
Eddie: alright then

( in the hellfire club room)

Y/n: woah, this room is so cool
Eddie: you think so?
Y/n: yeah
* your eyes wondered around the room for a while before seeing a throne*
Y/n: is that your throne?
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: that's so cool
Eddie: wanna sit in it
Y/n: you would let me?
Eddie: of course
Y/n: yay!
* you speed walked over to Eddie's throne and sat in it*
Y/n: comfy
Eddie: its not exactly the best but it works
Y/n: I think it's perfect
Eddie: I'm glad

( time skip, hellfire game)

Dustin: y/n?
Y/n: hi
Mike: why is she here Eddie
Eddie: she's my girlfriend wheeler, name one reason why she wouldn't be here
Mike: she could have thought it was weird
Y/n: I really don't it seems cool
Gareth: I don't mind, although it seems we're running short in chairs
Eddie: that's fine, she can use mine
Dustin: but where will you sit?
Eddie: on my chair
Mike: what?
Y/n: I'll just sit on Eddie's lap
Eddie: perfect idea princess
Dustin: ew

( after hellfire)

Y/n: that was fun!
Mike: yeah cause you won
Y/n: if I lost I would have said it was fun either way
Eddie: what's your problem wheeler
Mike: nothing it's just I don't really want her in our party
Eddie: she's my girlfriend she will be apart of the party and If you don't like that then leave
Dustin: woah Eddie calm down
Y/n: babe..
* Eddie let out a huge sigh and hugged you*
Eddie: I'm sorry
Y/n: it's ok I'm not mad
* you kissed Eddie on the cheek and he said*
Eddie: I'm sorry mike
Mike: it's fine don't worry about it
Mike: also sorry y/n
Y/n: it's fine
Dustin: me and mike have to go so bye!
Y/n: bye?
* Everyone left expect you and Eddie*
Eddie: I'm sorry princess
Y/n: it's ok I promise
Eddie: I snapped
Y/n: we all do it's ok
* you kissed Eddie and he kissed you back*
Eddie: hey princess
Y/n: yeah?
Eddie: wanna go on a date

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