Chapter 44 Gauntlet Trials

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No one's POV

It's the next day, and currently Nhazul and Serena were making their way to the station to meet up with Nanu. The two of them walked inside were met with Nanu taking a nap.

Nhazul: Yo, Nanu! Are you still asleep? It's 12 in the afternoon...

Nanu started to stir awake, as he noticed both Nhazul and Serena.

Nanu: Huh...? What do you want, kid...?

Nhazul: You told me to meet you for my Grand Trial.

Nanu just sighed annoyed, sitting up.

Nanu: Ugh... I did say that didn't...?

Nhazul: How did you even become an Island Kahuna? You never want to be bothered with anything...

Nanu: Because as much as I don't want to be one, Tapu Bulu chose me, and once chosen, you can't turn down the position.

Nhazul and Serena both looked at Nanu surprised.

Serena: You're not allowed to turn down the position? How long are you supposed to stay a Island Kahuna then?

Nanu: After I kick the bucket.

Nhazul: ...-_-...Well then...

Nanu then started to walk out the station.

Nanu: Come on, kid. Let's get this over with.

After meeting up with Nanu, he led the two of them to the Guardian's Ruins, where the battle field is at. Upon arriving, they prayed to Tapu Bulu after presenting an offering.

Nanu: The Island Challenge ritual, the Grand Trial, is about to begin. A righteous heart harbors malice, and a malicious heart harbors righteousness. May the two blend together and bring forth further evolution.

Upon finishing, Nanu looked at Nhazul.

Nanu: If you want to clear Ula'ula's Grand Trial, I'll need you to take out three of my Pokémon. But you must do it using only one Pokémon.

Nhazul and Serena both looked at Nanu surprised.

Nhazul: A 3 v 1, huh?

Serena: So you want him to win three in a row with only one Pokémon? Isn't that a bit much for an average trainer?

Nanu: A proper Grand Trial entails overcoming a great challenge. If you don't like it, you can always just go home.

Nhazul: Alright then. Let's do it.

Nanu just sighed annoyed.

Nanu: Of course. I had a feeling you wouldn't back down. Are you prepared for a full powered battle?

Nhazul: Yes, I am.

Nanu looked at Nhazul and saw a fire in his eyes.

Nanu: There's that look from yesterday. Alright then, let's go, Drapion!

Throwing out his Pokémon, Nanu called out his Drapion.

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