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- Atlanta, GA -

" Youn get tired of killing mfs? Cus gah damn foo I'm tired den a mudfucka" Bandz stressed taking his gloves off

" nah it's my therapy plus mfs needa stop playin wit me" Keelo responded lighting his blunt

" aye doe I found some mo info bout mfs tryna sell yo girl organs nd shi" Bandz told him

" not my girl ion fuck wit shordy no more so u can stop looking into the shit. She wanna be dumb that's ha who gon be dead nd organs sold to a random mf" Keelo shrugged as he took a pull from his blunt

" damn' df happen? You smiled everytime u talked about her ..now yo ass just look dead" Bandz said

" She just dumb das all..but I'm finna head out, I'll get this shit cleaned up" He hopped off the counter continuing to smoke

" Ight, be safe brodie" bandz says

" fa sho twin" Keelo responded as he left.


" what happened to you sayin u was gon kill every mudfucka I loved?" Mora questioned

" ion care bout dat shi no mo..now gimme my shi so I can go" he said blankly

She sucked her teeth. " so u just came to get yo drops nd go? Youn wanna spend time wit me?" She frowned standing infront of him

" no bra get cho crazy ass on" he mugged

" don't lie like youn miss being me wit keelo.." she teased unbuckling his Bb Simon belt

" ion miss yo ass but shid if u finna do what I think u finna do..do ya thang then" he shrugged watching her get on her knees.


" now yo ass wanna pop up after mfs ain't seen u in 2 weeks" K3 said as he opened the door allowing keelo to come in

" nigga I just seen u yesterday when we was making drops" Keelo made a face looking at him stupid

" damn u sholl right I'm tweakin twin" K3 laughed

" stupid ass" Keelo mumbled " where Nuk bitch ass at?" He asked following K3 upstairs

" nigga ain't made it yet he said he leaving Nala crib" K3 shrugged as they walked into his room

" I knew they was gon end up fucking around" Keelo shook his head sitting down in a chair.

" I really think you and my twin should start ba-" K3 spoke and keelo gave him a look making him shut up

" I'm coo off ya sista foo' all I can say is watch that kemarion nigga" he told K3

" so you think he got some to do wit mfs tryna sell ha organs?" K3 asked

" nigga ion think I know so...but I'm through tryna figure da shi out. I'm only telling you dis cus das yo blood and I kno youn wanna see shordy dead" he expressed

" fa sho..." K3 nodded " she really called you jealous" He laughed making keelo smack his lips

" shit ain't funny' cus she had me fucked up" he made a face just thinking about it

" you kno nigga was on Insta making crazy post talm he gon kill whoever did that shi to his brother" K3 laughed referring to Kemarion

" nigga just talking out his ass" Keelo waved it off

" mf is not like that fr all he do is package drugs nd count money" he spoke looking down at his phone

Where u at? I'm at yo crib bored by myself

" I'm finna cut out..ima fuck wit chu tmr twin" he stood up dapping up K3

" ight sexy" K3 grinned winking at him.

" gay asf" he shook his head leaving out the room

As he walked down the hall he bumped into Kior.

" my bad" she looked up at him. He could tell she started back drinking Promethazine but much more worser. And he could tell she had been crying

She look 2 steps away from dying.

" you good" he sucked his teeth walking around her.

- Short Lil filler chapter I guess. Excuse mistakes

Don't be dry😒

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