Into the Grey Area: 3

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*Finale of "Scared of the Dark" & "The Light"

After the café meet up, Mew promised himself to get his life back together.

It first started with cleaning himself up, up until now he never realized how dirty he might have really been. His once silky kept hair now laid rough, dull and dirty under a beanie.

Stubbles on his face, and bits of acne that reminded him of his teenage years. Although he did occasionally cleaned his mouth- scratch that he needs a mouthwash factory to get him out of this phase.

After listing every physical flaws he had, he attempted to clean them away. Cleaning always meant new beginning.

First his physical appearance, then his house. He had to open curtains because after living in the dark for so long, no amount of room lights could give him the feeling of serenity. And plus, Gulf was always a natural daylight person.

And to be honest nature's light was like a relief pill.

He hired someone to clean his house, he would clean it but it's huge and he has other things on his mind.

For the first time in over 2 years Mew had finally went to see their shared family. Although he and Gulf ended on bad terms, their families were still close.

Not as close as before because they were both worried for their boys and assumed something big must have occurred between their sons so they put a bit of distance between them and disregarded the topic of Mew and Gulf altogether.

Mew knows how much his family care for the Kanawuts so its' going to be his job to bring them closer again.

He invited the Kanawuts over to his parents place. He never expected his family to be so excited to see him but they were. They voiced their concerns about how he lost so much weight, and that he shouldn't have just ghosted everyone like that.

He could tell that they were walking on eggshells about the whole Gulf situation so he thought he should be the first person to bring it up.

"Mae," He referred to both his and Gulf's mother, "Gulf and I broke up. Well he left me and it was all my fault. I didn't treat him right and I felt like a shit son so I ran away from you guys, I'm sorry."

He didn't want to tell them of the cheating because he knows that Gulf wouldn't want to taint his image. Gulf knows how much Mae Kanawut is fond of Mew, so he's going to keep this one to himself unless Gulf himself decides to share it.

"But Mae, he said he forgives me. I saw him the other day. He looks so different now. His hair has grown longer, he lost weight but still looks healthy in my eyes. His face is still as bright as its always been, and the atmosphere around him is just as warm as his smile. We talked for a while and he said he forgives me. He asked me to fix myself and to try to get better be we meet again.

I was such a mess after he left, despite me being in the wrong it made me realize that I was the one whom needed him more. It's crazy I know, I somehow became the victim in all of this but I've never been happier that we met again."

After 2 years of not seeing each other Mew decided to spend the 3 day weekend at his family's home. The Kanawuts' stayed over too and it was like a big family reunion, excluding Gulf.

Mew learned that Gulf spoke to his parents after the breakup and told them that they were no longer together. He never said why or anything else after that, so they knew not to push it further.

Gulf also traveled the first year they were apart and moved back a year ago because of homesickness. They have been within the same city for a while now, one not knowing and the other just attempting to put his past behind.

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