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I knew Ashtray was avoiding me, but I didn't know why. He was acting awfully weird a few days before he stopped talking and messaging me. He hesitated to hug or kiss me, which I found strange? I decided to confront him about it, to see if there's anything wrong.

I didn't bother messaging him, he had been leaving me on seen for at least 2 days now, it was pointless to even tell him I'm coming over, he'd probably find someway to send me off. I grabbed a jacket and headed off to the gas station, when i arrived, i saw Fez by the counter.

"Y/n, its been awhile, where have you been?" He asked, hugging me sideways. "Sorry, it's Ashtray..hes been avoiding me. Has he been acting weird for you too?" I questioned and he nodded. "Yeah actually, hes quiet and doesn't really leave his room much" he informed and i furrowed my brows. "Maybe something happened..." i muttered to myself

Fez shrugged. "Go talk to him, he's in the back" he said, nodding his head towards the freezer. "Thanks Fez!" I said before walking off. I walked into the freezer to see Ash sat on his chair, head in his hands. "Ash.." I mumbled and he instantly looked up at me, his eyes looked puffy and sore.

As if he'd been crying...

"W-why are you here?" He asked frantically, wiping his remaining tears away. I slowly walked over. "You're being distant, Ash...what's wrong?" I asked and he looked away. "Nothing..." he answered, i stood in front of him and took his chin in my hand. "Baby, please talk to me" I whispered gently. "I-.." he couldn't finish, more tears escaped.

I pulled his head into my chest, cradling him like a baby. "You're okay, you can talk to me, Ash. Im not gonna judge you or get mad at you" I murmured to the sobbing boy in my arms. "B-but, you'll hate me for thinking it" he cried and i stroked his head. "Thinking what?" I asked gently. "T-that you deserve someone better than me.." he mumbled and hiccuped. My heart ached at that.

"Ashtray, I don't deserve anyone better cause you're the best. You're perfect and I couldn't wish for a better boyfriend" i reassured, placing two hands on his tear stained cheeks. "But I'm a drug dealer, Y/n. You don't deserve me..." he sniffled and i smiled gently. "Ash, I don't care. Drug dealer or not, i love you very much" i comforted, stroking his cheeks.

"You do?" He whispered softly and i nodded, making him smile a little. "I love you too, ma.." he replied and i grinned widely and kissed his forehead. I knew how much Ashtray loved forehead kisses. "If something ever bothers you, talk to me, okay?" I spoke and i felt him nod. At least he's okay..

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