Authors Note :(

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Hii guys.

So I've been getting a lot of hateful comments on this book and it's really been putting me down. 

You all have read the descriptions and saw it said mature but a lot of people have still been commenting things about how it's wrong to do sexual stuff even though it's labelled as mature.

And let's all be real here, we know Wattpad, and that means we know mature means sexual.

I feel like it is just my book. I e ready many other ddlg books just like mine and they get all these nice and funny comments but now mine :(

I don't know if I should keep writing. I want to, I love writing this book, but I feel like everyone hates it.

I also don't get why people start putting hateful comments on the first chapter and proceed to do it up to the latest one. They are just discouraging me even more.

If they don't like it, then why do they keep reading it?

I spend lots of time on my books and I pick a plot that I like. I write chapters that I like. And I know others like it too, but there are some who don't and they don't shut up about it.

I love how this book is going but some people are just raining in my parade.

I don't know what to do so that's why I haven't been uploading chapters here. I actually have a half written chapter I'd like to finish and publish but I'm afraid of what others are going to say.

Some people just don't understand that the author has feelings and that they put a lot of their time into their books.

If any of you have something to say, please say it here or in my dm's. I'm really suck at a crossroad and I'm need your help.

And thank you to the ones who have been nothing but nice to me on my journey of this book :)


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