31: i think i'm in love with chris

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imsg !

rat 💔
u asleep?
indiana laine coleman
sissy 🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘💔💔💔💔

indi 💋
istg if you don't stop-

rat 💔
i wanted to continue our conversation abt my break up 😊

indi 💋
oh yeahhh
is christmas there?

rat 💔
1. he prefers soda or soda kid
2. yes but he's sleeping so i'm good

indi 💋
ok so spill
1. what happened with soda kid so that y'all are besties again
2. how are u not hurt cuz u broke up with steven

rat 💔
basically i just slept in chris' room and-

indi 💋

rat 💔
as i was saying we just explained ourselves and i kinda kissed him

indi 💋

rat 💔
i found out that the bitch cheated on me before the break up

indi 💋
were u hurt?

rat 💔
a lil
but then the triplets came up with the best plan to breakup with him and i had to fake cry ( i thought of chris trying to put me in the washer 4 years ago)

indi 💋

rat 💔
burn in hell.
but anyways now here we are
and idk what do to about what i'm gonna say...

indi 💋
oh no
you fell for matt but now since he's with sie u can't bare see them together?

rat 💔
maybe when i was 5 but never am i gonna like bernard

indi 💋
dude i'm joking
what is it?

rat 💔
i think i'm in love with chris...
like yk the kind of love that i wanna spend the rest of my life with him

indi 💋
tell me more about this love for christmas i'm intrigued

rat 💔
well he has these amazing blue eyes that i could look at for hours
his hair is fluffier than fluffly mimi
he has this laugh that i wanna hear everyday
he has a birthmark on his back that's like a cow print it's so cute
his love towards his brothers makes me want to cry cause it's adorable
his protectiveness over me can be annoying at times but i love it
his love language is what i love the most. everytime i want a hug, even if i don't ask for one, he's always there to give me one.
if i tell you more i won't have anything left to say about him but he's so perfect that words can't explain how much i love that human being. i kinda regret that i didn't tell him 7 months ago yk b4 madison came in the picture

indi 💋
ur not just in love with him
ur down bad for that hoe
i hear wedding bells!

rat 💔
woah there india
no wedding bells
but how do i confess my love for him?

indi 💋
confess to him on his birthday
trust me he'll be really happy and will brag about his hot birthday present

rat 💔
stoppp ur hot
but how ?!

indi 💋
go outside on the porch
tell him how long you've been waiting to tell him and BAM! tell him ur love for him

rat 💔
ngl that's a great plan

indi 💋
ofc it is i'm brilliant 🤭

rat 💔
ofc u are...
i would go to the bathroom but chris just moved his head from his pillow to my chest and put his arms around my waist

indi 💋
then move his head and arms?

rat 💔
it's chris...
if i move an inch of my body, he'll pull me back in and tighten his grip

indi 💋
then stay in bed and sleep

rat 💔
thanks for nothing ig

indi 💋
ur welcome
sleep well rat

rat 💔
night bold bitch


i think that the next chapter is gonna be the last one before the birthday chapter.

so gia finally knows her undying love for soda kid. really excited for when she's gonna confess. or is it gonna be the other way around? 🤭

thank you so very much for almost 40k reads on this book. this is honestly one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life cause all the comments (mostly the maddie slander) motivates me. ur guys' comment on my chapters really puts a funny part in my day when i read them.

idk if i should or if i would, but i think after book i could do a matt book or a matt/chris book.

anyways hope you guys liked it and i'll see y'all in the next chapter 🤓


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