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 Taymor Pov London, United Kingdom2 weeks later11:03 Pm

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Taymor Pov
London, United Kingdom
2 weeks later
11:03 Pm


Taymor sat in the small house holding Zacei while trying to feed him a bottle. "Zacei stop playing you was just crying for the bottle now you'on want it" Taymor sat Zacei up on his lap feeling frustrated.

"Stop forcing him if he don't want it he don't want it leave him alone" Kentrell snapped, before turning his mic back on to talk to his friends on the game.

Taymor sighed putting the bottle back in the warmer, which made Zacei bust in tears reaching for the bottle. "See. He doing that shit on purpose" Taymor yelled softly, grabbing the bottle and giving it back to Zacei.

Kentrell started chuckling when he heard Zacei stop crying but quickly stop when he heard Taymor start crying.

Kentrell took off his headset turning around seeing Taymor crying. "What's wrong Ma? Sit him down and Come here".

Taymor nodded, getting up sitting Zacei in the playpen with his bottle before walking to Kentrell.

Kentrell grabbed Taymor by his waist sitting him in his lap, while he rubbed his butt. "Why you crying?" Kentrell hummed.

"I-it's stressful" Taymor sniffed, feeling tired with taking care of the twins and Cee plus having to work.

"You know you got us Ma" Kentrell whispered, kissing below Taymor's ear.

Taymor wiped his eyes laying his head in Kentrell's neck. "You was just laughing at me. When I told you what yo son was doing".

Kentrell was taken back a bit by Taymor choice of words but didn't say anything thing about it, feeling the love by Taymor calling Zacei his son. "I'm here foe you y'know" Kentrell continue to knead Taymor's butt.

"When is Dayvon coming back?" Taymor yawned.

"He should be back inna hour. Go take a nap I got the kids" Kentrell said, before kissing Taymor's forehead.

"I wanna stay up with you" Taymor groaned, wrapping his hands around Kenny neck.

Kentrell only smiled and patted Taymor's butt know he was gonna be sleep in a few minutes.


"Zacei stop. I don't care what age you is I'm finna sit you in time out" Kentrell said to Zacei as he threw his plastic bottle at him.

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