Vecna's visit

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                                                                                          ( enjoy this chapter!!)

* after you all finished the hug you and Eddie got up and headed to your house for a group meeting*

( at your house)

Dustin: so y/n why did you say this is a code red??
Y/n: well um, we went to Chrissy's house and-

( after explaining)

Y/n: so I want to let Vecna have me, I could figure out what he wants
Steve: absolutely not!
Y/n: Steve..
Steve: I'm not going to have you risk your life for this
Y/n: you guys can just play my favorite song and I'll be fine
Robin: still, it's way to dangerous
Steve: Eddie why are you agreeing with them
Eddie: I'm not, but we can't force them to stop, believe me I've tried but there's no changing there mind
Steve: y/n I can go instead
Y/n: No! He wants me..
* Eddie walked over to you and gave you a hug, he started planting small kiss's on your neck*
Eddie: promise you'll stay safe
Y/n: I promise
* you leaned your head down and kissed the top of his head*
Robin: so what's your plan?
Y/n: we go to the creel house, and figure out where he is
Dustin: y/n you realize he's in the upside down
Y/n: I do but remember how Will 'talked' to Joyce through the lights
Dustin: yeah
Y/n: then all we need are flashlights
Steve: I have some in my car
Dustin: why do you have flashlights in your car!?
Steve: I just do, now let's go
Y/n: alright, come on baby
* Eddie raised his head from your shoulder and you could see his eyes were watering*
Y/n: I'll be fine, you know that
Eddie: yeah.. let's go
Y/n: mmh
* you all left the house and got into Steve's car*
Robin: um- where are the flashlights??
Steve: there in that backpack in the back seat
* you grabbed the backpack and handed everyone a flashlight*
Dustin: ready?
Y/n: yeah
Steve: alright, creel house here we come
* Steve starts the car and starts to drive to the creel house*

( at the creel house)

Steve: so we break the window, then what?
Y/n: figure out where Vecna is
Steve: great plan...
Dustin: and, the doors locked
Steve: surely there's a key somewhere right?
* you all searched around the porch for a key, but then robin says*
Robin: found it
* you all looked up at her and you said*
Y/n: that's a brick
Robin: and a part of the door is glass
Dustin: fair enough
* robin walked up to the door and threw the brick through the window*
* then Steve stuck his hand through the broken window and unlocked the door*
Steve: and we're in
Y/n: let's go
* Eddie held your hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, and then you all headed into the house*
Robin: this place is creepy~
Y/n: wait, wasn't Nancy suppose to meet us here
Dustin: oh yeah
Steve: shit-
* as Steve said that Nancy walked through the front door, she immediately ran up to you and hugged you*
Nancy: are you sure you want to do this?
Y/n: yeah..
Nancy: ok, just come out of it alive
Y/n: I will
* you said then wrapping your arms around her*
Y/n: I've missed you
Nancy: me to
Eddie: last time I checked she was my girlfriend
Y/n: Eddie~
Nancy: I'm just hugging her?
Eddie: and she's only allowed to hug me, princess come here
Y/n: ok fine
* Eddie held out his arms to you and you walked up to him and gave him a hug*
Y/n: are you jealous??
Eddie: what does it look like to you
Y/n: that you are
Eddie: then your right
* Eddie placed a hand on your cheek and kissed you*
* Nancy leaned over to Steve and said*
Nancy: he's really protective over her
Steve: you have no idea * he said with sigh*
Dustin: was that a sigh
Steve: no
Dustin: I heard you!
Steve: and we have to be partners for everything
Y/n: ok everyone pull out your flashlights and spread out
* everyone agreed and grabbed a flashlight and spread out*
* it was you in a room alone with Nancy*
Nancy: so you and Eddie are together?
Y/n: yeah we have been for a while
Nancy: do you like him
Y/n: I mean yeah he wouldn't be my boyfriend other wise
* you noticed Nancy was about to say something but you were interrupted by Steve's yelling*
Y/n: that's our call
Nancy: he probably got spooked by a bug or something
Y/n: come on smarty pants
* you and Nancy met up in a room with everyone else, Steve's flashlight was glowing*
Steve: he's here!
* silence fell for a moment before you heard a whisper in your ear*
Vecna: attic
Y/n: AHH!
Eddie: princess what's wrong!
* he ran up to you and placed his hands on your shoulders*
Y/n: I heard a voice
Robin: a voice??
Y/n: it's said " Attic "
Steve: Vecna..
Y/n: well then, let's go to the attic
* you looked up to Eddie who was clearly worried*
Y/n: I will be fine
* you wrapped your hand into Eddie's and then you all headed up stairs, to the attic*

( in the attic)

Y/n: alright let's do this
* you set down your flashlight on a table that was covered in old jars and spider webs*
* you cleared your throat then said*
Y/n: hey.. asshole!
* you gazed toward the flashlight, which was now glowing brighter*
Y/n: I have a question for you
* you leaned down and sat on the floor*
Y/n: why did you want me..
* you sat in silence for a few minutes before saying*
Y/n: maybe you want to kill me, maybe you want to torture me, or maybe even have me join you
Y/n: but I'm here now to let you have me, to let you take me..
* you heard sniffles and sobs from behind you so you looked back at the group*
* everyone was crying, mostly Eddie who was on the floor, looking at you*
* you smiled to Eddie and then gave him the middle finger*
* he laughed a bit before giving you the middle finger back*
( it was both of your ways to tell each other you loved one another)
* you gave Eddie a smile and then set your gaze back to the flashlight*
Y/n: come have me you sick bastard!!
* you closed your eyes then a few seconds later opened them*
* there were vines everywhere, it was dark outside and the place had a disgusting smell to it*
Y/n: Eddie?
* no response*
Y/n: Eddie!!
* no response*
Y/n: shit
* you looked around and didn't know what to do*

( back with the group)

Eddie: y/n?
Steve: Eddie wait
* Eddie got up and ran over to you*
Eddie: he has her!
Robin: alright, now we have to wait
* Eddie placed his hand on your cheek and caressed it*
Eddie: y/n, if you can hear me, be safe and stay alive

( meanwhile)

* you walked around the creel house, trying your best not to step on the vines*
Y/n: shit, shit, shit
* you wondered around a bit before an 'earthquake' struck*
Y/n: AHH!
* you tripped on a vine and fell to the floor*
Y/n: Shit!
* the vines all started to move around you and then they wrapped around your arms*
Y/n: get off me you stupid worms!!
* you were then dragged around the house*
* you hit a wall really hard and blacked out*

* you slowly opened your eyes*
Y/n: mmh..
* you then realized you were tied up onto a vine pole thing*
Y/n: Hello!?
* the only thing to be heard was a clock ticking*
Y/n: Where am I!?
* you looked around and saw no sign of life*
* you closed your eyes and tried to think of what to do*
* once you opened them you heard*
Vecna: hello there y/n

( thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed)

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