Chapter 56 Parallel World Pt 2

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No one's POV

Upon arriving at the ruined Pokémon school, Nhazul just looked completely and utterly shocked.

Nhazul: W-What is this...?

Margo: So it's true...

Nhazul looked at Margo confused and surprised.

Nhazul: What?

Margo: When we were first walking through here, I saw a destroyed sign that said Melemele Island... I even saw the nice ladies's stand as well...

Nhazul: If this is Melemele Island, then just what happened here...?

The yellow Pokémon just looked at them confused, before walking forward again.

???: Zera.

Nhazul: Oh, right...

Nhazul and Margo both followed the yellow Pokémon inside the Pokémon school, entering the classroom, surprising them.

Margo: I don't believe it...

Nhazul walking forward, Nhazul stepped on a broken picture frame and picked it up, showing a an entirely different class.

Nhazul's thoughts: A different class? I wonder if this before or after Kukui

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Nhazul's thoughts: A different class? I wonder if this before or after Kukui...

Margo: Big bro!

Nhazul: Huh?

Margo: Look.

Nhazul looked back at Margo and saw she had found an old newspaper that read "All residents of Alola must evacuate the region".

Nhazul: evacuations? Hey, do you-

Nhazul looked over at the yellow Pokémon and saw it was gone.

Nhazul: Huh? Where did it...

Margo: It jumped up to the roof a few minutes ago.

Nhazul: I see...

Nhazul looked at the paper again and was surprised to see that the paper was dated 5 years into the future.

Nhazul: The date...This is 5 years ahead of our time...

Margo: Ahead?

Nhazul: Yeah...

Nhazul's thoughts: I wonder...

Nhazul: I may have an idea of the situation.

Margo: Really?

Nhazul: Yeah. But for now, let's just get some rest. I have no idea if or when that Ultra Beast will return.

Nhazul took off his bag and pulled out his lunch, giving it to Margo.

Nhazul: Here, eat up.

Margo: Huh? But what about you?

Nhazul just smiled, patting her head.

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