Chapter 60 Showdown on Poni Island

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No one's POV

Currently, Nhazul and Ash were making their way to the Ruins of Paradise, after Nurse Joy told them that's where Hapu would be, due to Ash wanting a chance to battle her. As they were making their way up the path, they indeed found Hapu, but she was struggling to control her Mudsdale.

Hapu: Calm yourself! Why will you not be still?!

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Hapu: Calm yourself! Why will you not be still?!

Nhazul and Ash: Huh?!

Hapu: What is the matter with you?! What has happened?!

Nhazul: Hapu?!

Ash: What's going on?!

Hapu looked over and noticed Nhazul and Ash.

Hapu: Oh, it is you two.

Ash: What happened to Mudsdale?

Hapu: I know now! It simply ran wild out of nowhere!

Rotom Dex: Danger! Danger!

Nhazul looked down at Mudsdale and noticed something was stuck in it's huff.

Nhazul: Wait, there's something in it's huff!

Ash: Pikachu, Iron Tail!

Using Iron Tail, Pikachu smacked the object that was in it's huff, which was a Corsola branch.

Ash: Isn't this...

Hapu: Ah! This is a piece of a Corsola branch.

Nhazul: I guessed it must of stepped on it.

Ash walked up to Mudsdale, petting it.

Ash: It's alright now, Mudsdale.

Mudsdale: Dale!

Hapu: I see. You must be relieved, Mudsdale. Nhazul, Ash, you're both good fellows. On the other hand...

Hapu then looked down saddened.

Hapu: I failed to notice the reason my friend was suffering... Who knows what would have befallen us had you both not arrived? Oh, of course! Will you let us thank you both in someway? Mudsdale is in your debt!

Nhazul: You don't have to-

Ash: Well, then...

Ash pointed towards Hapu's Z Ring.

Ash: That! That's it!

Hapu looked at Ash shocked and offended.

Hapu: T-This is an heirloom from grandfather! You may not have it!

Ash: No, that's not what I mean. I want a Pokémon battle.

Nhazul: Shocking...

Hapu: Oh, a mere Pokémon battle?

After helping out Hapu and Mudsdale, the three of them started making their way back down.

Ash: Your grandfather was the Island Kahuna, right? He must've trained you real hard!

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