Chapter 32 • My girls

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

I let out a sigh as I got out of the car, a humble house was in front of me which made my confusion grow since the location appears to be in there.

"What if that fucker was lying?" Alejandro asks, "He will be dead, I already have been following him" I replied as I waited for my men to surround the house.

All the windows of the house were tinted so it looked doubtful. And also I have a gut feeling telling me that they are inside, and usually, it stabs me in the back so I won't be surprised if it turned out to be all a fucked up lie.

"We don't have any time to waste Jandro, let's move" I spoke up making all the men around me take their guns out including Alejandro. I as well grabbed my gun and we began to walk toward the house.

"Hey, be careful Seb" Alejandro placed his hand on my shoulder and I looked up to meet his eyes. "You too," I said placing my hand over his before we went out separate ways.

I stood in front of the door and kicked it open, not taking any chances to even twisting the knob. The moment my foot stepped inside the house. Punches immediately attacked me and I could hear my men receiving the same.

"Fuck" a hard unexpected punch landed on my face and I hissed when something stung into my neck, I was quick to hit whoever was around me with the back of my gun but too late to remove the needle that was on my neck.

My vision was blurry as I turned around and stared at my men's dead bodies, fuck, it feels like an elephant has stepped on me.

I leaned against the wall next to me and held my bleeding nose from the punch I received a few seconds ago. My hands felt weak as I dropped the gun onto the floor.

I wasn't sure if what I saw is true but the figures of two tall men appeared in front of me, I couldn't see the faces due to my blurry vision but what I felt is someone coming from behind me and slamming me on the floor.

I wanted to stand up but my body felt dumb, I wanted to speak and say something but it seemed like all my body shut down. The only thing I see is a blur.

"Hello, Hijo" One of the figures spoke as he walked closer and closer until he fisted my hair in his hand harshly that I hissed, but nothing came out of my lips.
{ Son }

He brings his face closer since he probably knows that I don't see anything well due to the drug. The anger inside my body flew to another level when I saw the face of none other than my own father.

"Here is another one" Someone threw a body next to me, my eyes fell on that body and it was clear that it was Alejandro since my vision was starting to be clear, but my body only became worse.

"Let's go him, Hijo" Gabriel, my father smiled filthily at me before grabbing a gun and hitting my head with it.

Darkness took over me and I wanted nothing more than to cover my hands with their blood.

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