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Adrien persisted.

He was meant with a door slamming in his face every time, and he deserved it. Marinette didn't want to get back together with him. She wanted to be left alone.

He had quite honestly lost hope after 4 months of trying desperately to win her back over. A bouquet of her favorite flowers, gift baskets with chocolate and teddy bears, sewing kits from his father's line. All his efforts had been returned to his front door along with his old t-shirts and sweaters. He had tried what seemed like everything. She didn't even sit next to him in class anymore, which his professor noticed... And told him to give it time.

But after 5 months he decided to continue pursuing his modeling career and drop out of the University of Paris.

While it seemed a bit extreme, Adrien decided it was probably the best thing he could do. So after he packed his things, he made one last attempt.


Marinette sighed when she heard a knock at the door, wondering  she could get some time to study without Alya, her parents, or Adrien's 'deliveries' interrupting her. She opened the door, but... there was no one there. The bluenette narrowed her eyebrows when she caught sight of the single rose in front of her dorm room. A little note was attached to it.

I know things didn't end well between us... No amount of pushing and persistence will be able to persuade you. What I did with Jasmine was unforgivable and wrong.
I've decided to drop out of college and continue modeling for my father's company, I'm not just saying that in hopes of you coming back. I just want you to know how incredibly sorry I really am.
I want you to know that despite everything that happened between us, I'll always love you. I don't expect you to forgive me, I still haven't forgiven myself for ruining the rare love that we shared. But like this rose, every good thing has to come to an end...
I just wished it would've lasted a little longer.

-Pretty boy

Marinette felt her heart ache, lifting her dainty fingers to cover her mouth.

She began to sob all over again, not knowing if she was ready to let him go, but also knowing full well she couldn't take him back without thinking of him and Jasmine together. The bluenette narrowed her eyebrows as she looked down the hall. She knew he was there, even though she couldn't see him.

Even though things didn't end well between the two, she also knew that deep down she still loved him too...

And she always would...


"And how did that make you feel, Adrien?"

Adrien stared away from the old woman's eyes, instead finding more interest in the wooden floor boards underneath him. He was currently sitting on a nice grey sofa in a small room, surrounded with colors purposely made to make the blonde feel more calm and at ease. The light yellow walls held charcoal blue paintings and a vase of pink flowers sat on the coffee table in front of him.

"Honestly..." The blonde sucked in a sharp breath, closing his eyes as if he was about to regret speaking his own truth. "I don't think I love her." He breathed out, and the therapist in front of him nodded in understanding. "That's a completely reasonable feeling, there's no shame in telling the truth. This is a safe place." Carmen said softly- his therapist.

Carmen was in her mid 50's, and she was an incredibly polite person who valued manners and old quotes.

Adrien started taking therapy after he had left college, he figured he was too dependent on Marinette to feel happiness. That wasn't fair to her, and it wasn't fair to him. His doctor had also diagnosed him with depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders related with claustrophobia- which forced him to take therapy sessions once a week at least...

Carmen had told him that his claustrophobia was possibly connected to his father locking him in his room for years, trapping and isolating him which was what lead him to be so scared of confined spaces. His depression and bipolar issues were the result of being neglected for years, not getting enough glucose from the low calorie and low sugar meals he had been forced to eat for the 18 years living with his father.

Long story short, his father had really fucked him up.

It had been three years since he and Marinette broke up, and he had honestly gotten much better. He was no longer disgusted whenever he looked in the mirror or saw a billboard with his face on it, he was proud of how much progress he had made within the last three years. He didn't have to rely on the acceptance of his fans or the obsession from other girls that wanted him.

He could finally just feel at ease with himself. He was finally comfortable in his own skin.

There was only one thing that bothered the blonde now, and that was the constant regret of the mistake he made three years ago. Marinette was the best thing that had ever happened to him without a doubt, and he ruined the possibility of spending the rest of his life with her the moment he even considered getting back at her with Jasmine.

He always wanted to thank Marinette, because if she wasn't there during possibly the worst years of his life- he probably wouldn't be here. He would've been on the news for overdosing on pills, and his fans would've been mourning him on the day of his 25th birthday- exactly 2 months from now. But he wasn't on the news for overdosing, and his fans weren't going to mourn him on his 25th birthday because...

Because of Marinette.

When Adrien got back to his pent house after sharing his emotions about his girlfriend with his incredibly understanding therapist, he had received several envelopes of unopened mail. He barely paid attention to the amount due on his bills and utilities, not only because he could more than afford any bill thrown at him but also because of the eye catching sparkly peach invitation behind every other envelope.

He furrowed a brow and opened the invitation sent by one of his best friends- Nino Lahiffe.

It was a wedding invitation.

Nino was getting married to Alya in 3 weeks, Adrien's first thought was that he was proud of Nino for finally growing a paie and proposing. His second thought was the inevitable reminder Alya was Marinette's best friend...

Which meant that Marinette would also be attending the wedding as well.

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