Favorite song

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Y/n: who are you!
Vecna: I believe you and your friends call me Vecna
Y/n: why.. why did you want me
Vecna: I want to take your life, cause of the stunt your friends pulled with max I couldn't kill her
Y/n: they can just play my favorite song!
* Vecna laughed in your face as if that was the funniest thing he's every heard*
Vecna: do they even know it??
Y/n: um
* you could have sworn you told them but maybe you didn't, you couldn't remember*
* but then, you remembered*
Y/n: I told Eddie
Vecna: hmm, well I'll just have to kill you know I guess
Y/n: wait!!
* Vecna walked over to you and raised his hand over your face*

Eddie's POV

' she slowly started to float into the air, I was terrified my eyes were burning cause of how many tears I've been shedding' We need the headphones now ' I yelled' my legs were weak, I could barely stand' everyone was scrambling around, Steve grabbed y/n's favorite song and robin grabbed the headphones, I took them out of her hands and Steve put the mix tape in, I ran toward her, her body looked life less, pale and was dripping sweat, she was to high in the air for me to put them on her so I got onto the table and went onto my tippy toes, I put them on her and played the song.. I got off the table and held y/n's hand, rubbing it trying to bring her some feel of comfort, she'll be ok Eddie ' Dustin said' I practically forgot he was even there


* you saw a tear in the distance, you could see everyone, your body in the air and Eddie, he was holding your hand, telling you it would be ok, it warmed your heart knowing he was there*
Vecna: they can't save you y/n
Y/n: i hmm-
* you groaned in pain as the vines around your arms and legs tightened*
Y/n: take this you bastard!
* you broke one of your arms free and grabbed Vecna's neck and pulled a huge chunk out of it*
* all the vines holding you fell and Vecna stumbled backwards holding his neck*
* you saw an opportunity and took it, you started running as fast as you could toward the tear in the red atmosphere*
Y/n: shit.. shit...
* you muttered swears under your breath as you were running, Vecna sent vines and broken parts of a building after you, the vines were fast but not as fast as you, all you had to do was doge the huge pieces of a building and you would be free*
* you turned your head to see Vecna staring at you, you flipped him 'the bird' and ran through the tear*
' the next thing you new you were back in the creel house'
* Eddie leaned down right as your body fell from the air and hugged you, giving you kisses on your check and whispering reassuring's into your ear*
Steve: holy shit y/n!
Nancy: are you ok!?
Y/n: I'm fine * you managed to say out of breath and terrified*
Eddie: darling it's ok now, your back with us, with me
* you turned your head so that you were facing him and smiled*
Y/n: I promised didn't I?
* everyone laughed and then Eddie leaned in and kissed you, it felt passionate and gentle, but also needy and desperate*
Y/n: I'm ok, I promise
Eddie: I know, I was just so scared
* Eddie shed yet again another tear and you raised your hand and wiped it away, gently*
Steve: stop it, I'm gonna puke
Y/n: hey! Your the one hooking up with girls all the time!
Steve: but it's different
Y/n: whatever.. can we go home, I miss my bed
Eddie: to clarify you miss my bed
Y/n: that to
* you and Eddie shared another laugh as Dustin pretended to puke*
Eddie: wanna go to mine princess??
Y/n: yeah, I'd like that
Steve: woah woah woah, absolutely not!!
Y/n: Steve, he's my boyfriend it's fine
Steve: just stay at home
Y/n: why do you want me there so bad
Steve: I don't want to have to babysit
Eddie: you will be fine, plus it wouldn't hurt to have y/n and I to have some alone time...
Steve: shut your mouth!
Y/n: Steve!! * you yelled*
* everyone was staring at you shocked, other than Eddie who had his face stuffed into your neck*
Y/n: Nancy, stay with him, and don't let him to anything stupid
Nancy: will do
Steve: hey hey, I'm not gonna let you stuff your face with Eddie the freak Munson
Eddie: she already has.. many..many times
Y/n: Eddie~ your just gonna make him even more mad
Eddie: whatever, come on darling
Y/n: we're gonna have to take Steve's car
Steve: I will let you, only if you promise not to make out
Eddie: than it's off
Y/n: Eddie!
Eddie: we can just walk through to forest, maybe even come across a comfy tree for me to pin you up against
' you new he was teasing but you could tell Steve was fuming'
Steve: fine then! Go off I'm done..
* he stormed out of the house and everyone followed, you and Eddie walked off without the group into the forest*

( in the forest)

Y/n: hey Eddie
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: we're you joking about the whole tree thing
Eddie: do you think I was??
Y/n: I don't know I..
* as you finished your sentence Eddie came closer to you, making you walk backwards, into a tree*
Y/n: Eddie!!
* he pinned you to the tree so you couldn't move, he then lowered his head, giving you hickeys*
Y/n: Eddie, what if someone finds us?
Eddie: so be it
* he raised his head and kissed you*
* you guys made out*

( the one thing Steve told you not to do 😂)

Y/n: Eddie.. let's head to your trailer
Eddie: why??
Y/n: cause I know if I don't stop you now, then you won't be able to stop
Eddie: fair enough
* Eddie backed up and tangled his hand into yours*
* you two walked toward Eddie's trailer*

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