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Hello everyone!
I'm glad you clicked/ want to read this book!
This is the 2nd book I've written so, yeah, I may be a little bit bad-
Anyway, I want to give some information for the 2 main characters!
Remember, this is not real information about these characters, also, PLEASE do not ship people irl (in real life)!!

-Gender: Male
-Origin: Feline/Cat
-Height: 6'2
-Likes: Cat toys, Catnip, Comfy sleeping places,
making people happy, being crazy.
Dislikes: Water (kind of), Rocks (because they are not comfy for him to
sit on).
-Sexuality: Gay✨🏳️‍🌈

-Gender: Male
-Origin: Vampire
-Height: 6'9
-Likes: Blood, Scary stuff, Moonlight, Soft things,
flirting with Jimmy, Horror movies.
-Dislikes: Homophobic people, Sunlight,
Anyone who hates Jimmy (because he loves Jimmy,
in a romantic way-)
-Sexuality: Gay✨🏳️‍🌈

ANYWAYYYYY, have a lovely day you all and I'll make the 1st chapter soon!
Bye! <3

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