Life Goes On

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Midtown Atlanta Toscano'sZone 5

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Midtown Atlanta
Zone 5


Clad in a black spaghetti strap SKIMS dress and a pair of Chanel sandals, Seven strolled into Toscano's, an Italian restaurant in midtown Atlanta where she had reservations with her best friend, Deontae. She smiled politely at the hostess, informing them of her reservations to which she was escorted to a table where Deontae was already seated. He stood to his full height of five foot ten inches and hugged Seven before they took their respective seats at the table.

Deontae, better known as Tae, had been Seven's best friend since middle school. Back then he was the shy and reserved gay boy, where as Seven was the blunt and outgoing popular girl who didn't play about her gay best friend. She's the reason why he was able to come out of his shell and be the confident social butterfly that he is today.

"Hello," a short brunette waitress approached them, "I'm Sylvia, and I'll be your waitress for the time being. Can I start you two off with some drinks and appetizers?" She pulled out a pocket notepad and a retractable pen.

"We'll have an order of calamari for the appetizer," Tae replied, looking towards Seven who nodded in agreement.

Sylvia scribbled their order onto her notepad, "and for your drinks?"

Seven's index finger tapped against her plump lips as she looked over the various selections of wine. "I'll have a glass of Pinot Noir Elouan, please."

"And I'll have a Corona."

Sylvia smiled politely, nodding her head. "I'll be back shortly with those drinks." She walked off, disappearing into the back of the restaurant.

"Girl, as soon as I get back in town, you're going out of town. Ion't like that," Tae turned his nose up jestingly.

"I know right. You're always welcomed to come along though. You know Quis doesn't mind."

"Not you trying to take me back out of the country," he laughed, "but as tempting as back to back vacations sound, I'm fully booked at the shop this week."

Tae ran his own hair shop in Buckhead where he serviced mostly celebrity clientele. He was highly successful in the hair industry and had clients flying in from different states just for something as simple as a wig install.

"As always. But tell me about your baecation. I need all the details," Seven grinned, placing both of her hands under her chin to prop her head.

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