Chapter 61 Closure Within The Mist

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No one's POV

It's been a few days and Lana's Popplio evolved into Brionne, as well as Kiawe obtaining a Flying Z Crystal after completing a Trial from Tapu Fini.  Currently on the beach, Nhazul was training with Greninja and Silvally, attempting to master the Syncro Evolution form.

Nhazul: Silvally, Air Slash! Greninja, Night Slash!

Silvally: Vally!

Greninja: Kouga!

Using Air Slash, Sivally sent multiple slashes towards Greninja, as it cut them all down Night Slash.

Nhazul: Aerial Ace!

Rushing forward, Greninja hit Sivally with an onslaught of lightning quick strikes before kicking it back.

Nhazul: Alright, Silvally, use-

Suddenly, Nhazul fell to his knee panting, as the Syncro form dispelled, as Greninja, Eevee and Silvally checked on him.

Eevee: Vee?

Nhazul: Y-Yeah... I'm alright...

Greninja: Kouga.

Nhazul looked up at Greninja and sighed.

Nhazul: Yeah... I guess we should take a break... We've been at this all morning, but it doesn't feel as if we're getting closer...

Nhazul began clinching his fist tightly, which Greninja noticed.

Greninja: Kouga.

Nhazul: Y-Yeah...

Elsewhere, Lana was practicing making balloons with Brionne.

Lana: Now, Brionne! Balloon!

Brionne proceeded to make multiple multi colored balloons that floated up into the air.

Lana: Great job, Brionne!

Brionne: Brionne!

Growlth: Growl!

Sandy: Poreon!

Looking at something in the distance, Sandy started making it's way over to it, confusing Lana.

Lana: Sandy? Where are you going?

Going after Sandy, Lana, Brionne and Growlth all started looking for it.

Lana: Sandy? Geez, where did you go?

Looking around, Lana noticed Nhazul.

Lana: Huh? Isn't that Nhazul over there? And Sandy is with him too.

Walking over, Lana noticed Nhazul was asleep, leaning on a sleeping Silvally, with Greninja sleeping on a rock, and Eevee sleeping on Nhazul's lap. Lana then saw Sandy had his head laying on Nhazul's lap.

Lana: Looks like they're having a good nap. It be bad if I woke them up. I guess I'll wait for them to wake up.

Lana, along with Growlth and Brionne proceeded to sit next Nhazul while he napped, and then looked out towards the ocean.

Lana: The weather sure is nice today.

Growlth: Growl!

Brionne: Brio.

Lana looked back at Nhazul sleeping, blushing slightly.

Lana's thoughts: Nhazul looks really cute when he's asleep...

Looking at a sleeping Nhazul, Lana began yawning herself.

Lana: Oh... I'm getting sleepy just from looking at him...

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